Wedding Day Celebrants

Your wedding should be all about you as a Couple and making the day personal to both of you.

Neither of you maybe religious and don’t want to get married in a Church. Perhaps you don’t want the added expense of having a Civil Ceremony in a Hotel.  You usually have to pay room hire costs to the Venue AND the additional cost of a Registrar. Why don’t you consider wedding day celebrants as an option?

Today’s blog is a Guest post by Independent Celebrant,

Penny Thompson of Hibiscus Ceremonies.

Wedding day celebrants

“Working with an Independent Celebrant for your wedding gives you the freedom to create the wedding ceremony of your dreams in the venue of your dreams, without restrictions on content or length of time.

I will work with you to create and deliver a Wedding Ceremony that you and your guests will remember for years to come. A ceremony that reflects you as a couple, your lives together, your dreams and aspirations.

I am a member of the Independent Association of Celebrants and have ten years previous experience as a Registrar. I am able to advise and help with the legal requirements of your Marriage.”

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