Vegan Weddings

Vegan Weddings and sustainable weddings were talked about so much during the International Wedding Trend Report in 2019. We also had Veganuary in January for those who wanted to taste of Vegan life. This is certainly a very on trend belief at the moment.

So today, I thought that I would give you an insight into what is involved in planning Vegan weddings. Firstly, you need to decide together, as a couple what parts of your wedding are going to be Vegan. Are you going for a full Vegan Wedding or part?

vegan weddingsFOOD

The most challenging part when it comes to planning Vegan weddings is the food. However, nowadays it is easier to source specialist Vegan caterers. I remember working on a wedding about 10 years ago and trying to come up with a suitable menu was so difficult. If you are struggling to find an outside Caterer, you could try speaking to local Vegan restaurants to come up with ideas for a suitable menu or give them your favourite meal to recreate.


If Vegan weddings are to be 100% Vegan, you also need to consider your outfits. Avoid silk wedding dresses. Grooms should avoid wool suits, and again silk in their ties. Leather shoes are also to be avoided too.


The idea of Vegan weddings is to reduce the amount of paper products. Think about emailing your Guests their invitations and save the dates. Perhaps email your menu to the Guests so that they can take a picture of it or have it on their phone on the wedding day to refer to. You could also do this with the table plan if you’re having one. (Remember to tell your Guests that there will not be a paper option on the day and to bring a copy with them!)


Instead of having cut flowers (a no-no with Vegan weddings) think about having potted plants for décor. Have an alternative to flowers in your bouquet – perhaps buttons? Or look at sourcing wild flowers.


For favours for your Guests, why not have some seeds for them to grow to remind them of your special day.

With regards to wedding gifts for you, perhaps you could ask for money. That way you can buy what you really want, reducing waste. You can also ensure that the money is used to buy sustainable items to fit your beliefs.

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