It would be great if you had a never-ending money pot for your Wedding day. Unfortunately, you probably don’t, so back to reality. How do you decide where is best to allocate your wedding budget when planning your Wedding? Here are some top things to think about with your wedding budget.

Top things to think about with your wedding budgetFirst of all, you need to decide what parts of your Wedding are the most important. You need to do this as a couple (and family if you have parents paying a large amount of your day). Then decide on the right areas to spend the most money from your allocated wedding budget. 

Ideally, you need to consider what is important to you both and think about where your guests will be spending most of their time on the day. Here are the main priorities for you to consider:

FOOD  –Top things to think about with your wedding budget

 One way or another, you will have to feed your Guests, whether it will be a sit-down three-course meal and an evening buffet or a late afternoon BBQ. One thing you need to be sure of is that the food is of good quality. You need your Guests to be content with what they are eating, and if the food is not fresh and tasty, it will leave your Guests hungry and miserable. Think about what is in the season when you are getting married. If you’re unsure, speak to your Caterer or the Venue where you are getting married to give you some ideas.


Top things to think about with your wedding budget

Your wedding photographs are the memories of your special day. You want them to be so good that you’re not afraid to look back on them in years to come with disappointment at the quality.

Use your wedding budget wisely and pick the best photographer you can.

Likewise, a Videographer is a good investment.  A wedding video can pick up elements of your Wedding Day that photographs can’t – the speeches, for example.  Some photographers can provide video and still photos, so it’s worth asking the question when you are looking for good photographers.


You want your venue to look fantastic and wow your Guests. That doesn’t necessarily mean going over the top. Keep things simple with a few table arrangements or pretty lighting. If you want to emphasise a specific area, make it the top table or the entrance to create that WOW factor.


You want your guests to have a drink or two (maybe more) at your Wedding, but you need to make sure there are plenty of drinks available – what sort of Wedding would it be if the bar ran out at 7:00 in the evening? If you have a tab behind the bar for your Guests, ask the venue to let you know when you have almost reached your limit. That way, you can either decide to increase it or leave it as it is. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WEDDING IS THE BEST PARTY THAT YOUR GUESTS HAVE BEEN TO.


You’ve put all the time and effort into planning your wedding day. Don’t forget about the wedding night when thinking about your wedding budget. You want it to be somewhere special you can spend your first night together as Mr. and Mrs. It doesn’t have to be a fancy 5-star Hotel, just somewhere you can retreat at the end of the busy day and reflect on the day together. Think about breakfast in bed as a luxury before you jet off on your honeymoon.


It’s all very well having a fancy flamboyant cake, but what if it tastes dry and has no flavour? Make sure you choose your cake maker based on the quality of the ingredients that they use. It is much better to consider taste over appearance.

 Suppose you are on a tight wedding budget. In that case, you could always choose a simple design and enhance it by adding some extra blooms provided by your Florist from your bouquet. Or don’t have a Wedding Cake at all if you don’t want one. If a cake isn’t your thing, think about a “Cheese” tower as an alternative; that way, you can use it as part of your evening reception. Or a doughnut wall which could also replace dessert with your meal.

Top things to think about with your wedding budget

In all cases that I have talked about here, do your research.  Ask for recommendations, read reviews and testimonials (Get them verified to see if they are real if needed) but don’t go for the first Wedding Supplier you find.




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