Tradition says that you should have a top table at your wedding. You and your Wedding party can be the focal point.

But is a top table really necessary? Here are some reasons why to have a top table, but also, I’m giving you some examples of why you don’t need to have one – mainly it will probably cause you less stress!

Top Table at your Wedding

You Should have a top table because:

  • It’s your day and you should be centre of attention;
  • How about doing away with a big top table?  You could just have a top table for the two of you.  You could even have it raised on a stage to really be the focal point.  A top table for two is known as a sweetheart table, it is popular at Celebrity Weddings. It also gives you an opportunity to talk to each other.
  • Be different – have round tables with the “top table” being in the centre around all of your guests.
  • What about a U-Shape table layout, that way, you will still have the top table but all of your Guests are sat in close proximity to you so you can all chat to each other easily.

You should not have a top table because:

  • It’s causing too much stress for you to do a seating plan to please everyone, so allow guests to sit where they like – and this also includes you.
  • Your parents have separated or remarried and logistically it’s too stressful to have a top table.
  • Your venue may not have enough space to have a huge top table.

What you could do is have a “host” on each table, who could be a member of your bridal party and you could have two free seats at each table which would allow you to both mingle with your Guests.

Whatever you decide, your wedding day is all about YOU and YOUR PARTNER, so you need to do what works best for you both and what you both want.  Don’t feel that you have to go with the norm because its” tradition”.  Some of the best weddings are those that have done something different and more memorable.

Top Table at your Wedding

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