Your wedding style becomes the basis of your special day. What you choose for your decor, colour scheme, favors, dress, plus much more will tie into the style of your wedding.

Tips for choosing your Wedding style Make it about you…

Making your wedding personal is the most important thing. You need to work together with your partner to decide on what wedding style best reflects you as a couple.

Get some inspiration…

You’ve thought about your wedding style and what best suits you, now time to get some inspiration. Take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, and real-life weddings to see how similar couples themed their special day. Think about what you loved in what you saw and how you may want to incorporate a similar thing into your wedding day.

 For example, if you are getting married in the Spring, think about a pastel and feminine colour scheme, whereas if you are getting married in Autumn, think dark jewelled tones. Likewise, if you are getting married in an old Rustic style barn, you don’t really want to be thinking about an Industrial wedding theme.

 Get Organised

Think about what you really want from your big day and also what you can afford. Your wedding budget will play a big part when thinking about your wedding style.

What is in your dream when you think about your wedding day? Think about having your ideas in a Scrapbook or on a Pinterest board and take a look at what you like most.

Finally, remember to have fun!Tips for choosing your wedding style

Planning your wedding should be a relaxing experience. One major important thing to think about is making sure that you and your partner agree and are happy. Remember, your wedding day is about both of you and not just what you want!

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