Throwing the wedding bouquetDuring my time working in the Wedding Industry, I had never come across any bride who has thrown her bouquet – until last year, and I worked on two weddings where the Brides decided on throwing the wedding bouquet.

Have you ever thought about where the tradition of throwing the bouquet came from?

Is it something you’ve thought about doing at your Wedding?

Today, I talk about where throwing the wedding bouquet started….

So, tradition has it that brides threw their bouquet and single lady Guests catch it.  But originally it was the wedding dress which started this tradition….

After the Wedding, the single ladies would chase after the Bride and rip off pieces of her wedding dress.  The dress was thought to be good luck for other women, almost a representation of fertility,

As wedding dresses became more elaborate and expensive, Brides began to throw other parts of their bridal outfit.  Finally, throwing the bouquet became the most traditional object that got thrown.

Flowers symbolise fertility so it seems only right that it is what should get thrown to keep the tradition going.Throwing the wedding bouquet

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Images : Unsplash and Florida Photo Magazine