Thinking about your Wedding Music

Your wedding music probably isn’t something you’ve thought about during your wedding planning, but it can be one of the finishing touches to your big day.

Dependent on what type of wedding music you choose can not only give your Guests an idea of the type of day you have planned, but it can also even create an everlasting memory for both you and your Guests (keep reading to find out what I mean)

Whether you are having a church wedding or a civil ceremony, you will need some form of wedding music at the same stage throughout the ceremony.

Today, I’m going to talk you through each part of your service and the type of music you could consider.


While you’re walking down the Aisle, remember you are now the centre of attention as you walk down the aisle, this is when your Guests are seeing you in your dress for the first time.

I remember going to a friend’s wedding and unknown to any of us as Guests, she chose to walk in doing a dance routine to “I hear a symphony” by The Supremes…. Remember I was talking about everlasting memories earlier!

When you are choosing your wedding music for walking down the Aisle, think about the length you are walking down and the length of music you have chosen. If you have got to your Spouse to be and the music is still playing it can easily be faded out, however if the music finishes and you are only halfway walking, things can get a bit awkward when there is a deafly silence.

Thinking about your Wedding Music


HYMNS (Or if you choose to have songs during a civil ceremony*)

This is your wedding day. It is a happy occasion so pick some songs that reflect that.  Remember to choose hymns that your guests will know, even if it is just the chorus. Unless you are having a choir or singer, there is nothing worse than a load of mumblings as people try and mime a song they’ve never heard of.

*(Don’t forget if you’re having a civil ceremony, you’re not able to have any music or songs with a religious content)


Either opt to have something relaxing so all of your Guests can compose their emotions after you have said your vows, or something upbeat and celebratory.  Again, think of timings, you may wish to think of a couple of pieces of wedding music, so that there are no silences if the photographs run over.


The formalities are over, now is the time to relax and party. Choose something upbeat to reflect this, again think of creating that everlasting memory. Another wedding I went to had “Bring me sunshine” as the exit music, with the bride and groom skipping out with one leg behind them (If you’re old enough to remember Morecombe and Wise you will understand what I mean, if not google it!)

Thinking about your Wedding Music


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