Things to think about when booking a band for your Wedding

Most of the Weddings that I have worked on have had live bands to entertain their Guests during the evening reception.  It’s not just a case of finding a band you like and booking them though. There are lots of things to think about when booking a band for your Wedding.


Here are 10 things to think about when booking a band for your Wedding

1. Check what time the Band will arrive to set up;

The last thing you want is them doing their sound check halfway through your speeches.  (It’s also worth asking how long the sound check will take)

2. How much room does the band need to perform?

You don’t want them turning up and setting up on your dancefloor because all the space around it is taken up with tables or the bar.  It reduces dancing space (And also the band aren’t going to like performing so close to your Guests who are likely to spill drinks over their equipment)

3. Will they play any music between their sets?

Most bands won’t play continuously, so you need to find out if they will play some music while they are on their break.  If not, you may need to arrange your own to be plugged into their system through an MP3 player or hiring an additional DJ

4. How loud do the band play?Things to think about when booking a band for your wedding

Some venues have sound limiters, which mean if the Band play at a certain volume the limiter kicks in and cuts out the music.  Believe me, I have known of Weddings where this has happened, and it is not nice.  It’s important to find this out and let the Band know if the Venue has a limiter in place so they can make adjustments.

5. What sort of music do the band play?

It’s not only worth finding out if they play music that you like but think about your Granny and older Guests too.  Most bands have a set list that you can either look at on their website or they can send it to you.

6. How long does the band play for?

Ask if they will switch to playing DJ at the end.  You don’t want the Band to play for 2 hours leaving the rest of your evening in silence with no music being played.

7. Can you see the band play live before booking them?

I always find that you can never gauge the sound of a band by listening through your Computer speakers.  Find out if they are playing live nearby in the near future, or even if they are playing at an event where you could contact the organiser to see if you can stand at the back and have a little listen.

8. Will the band need feeding?

Always a good question, and about drinks too – remember if you look after the band, they are more likely to do an encore at the end!!

9. When should you serve your evening food?

The biggest mistake a lot of people make is serving food the same time as the live act – a massive no no . Always let your guests eat whilst enjoying the background party music and once the food has settled live music should start at least half an hour after this.

10. Does the band supply the dancefloor and stage?

This is one to check with both the band and the Venue.  Some bands are happy to play at floor level, but a dancefloor is essential.

Things to think about when booking a band for your wedding

This is just some of the frequently asked questions that are listed on the website of one of Shropshire’s top wedding bands, Sonic Boom (Who I can totally recommend)  To find out about more things to consider when booking a band for your wedding visit their website

Photo Credits: Sonic Boom Band and Peachy Pix Photography

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