Kemp and Kemp, Award winning Caterers from Staffordshire, are my special Guest for this weeks blog and talk Things to consider when choosing a catererabout all things to consider when choosing a caterer.

After the initial impact of the beautifully dressed venue, the breath-taking view, the gorgeousness of the bride’s frock, the things that most wedding guests talk about is whether it was a great party. Was there enough free flowing alcohol? Was the band good? And what the food was like?

As your catering is likely to be one of the main expenses of your wedding, it’s important that you get it right. Wedding food can range from at best the utterly forgettable (hello dried up chicken breast in mushroom sauce) to at worst just, well, bad! (‘What do you mean they forgot the evening food’)

Choose your caterer well…Things to consider when choosing a caterer

A caterer who listens to you, is creative and genuinely offer a bespoke menu option. Many say they do but what they actually mean is that you can pick & mix from their existing menus. Oh, & it helps if you like them. If they are super organised & respond quickly to your questions both before booking. This bit is very important..if they are slow in responding before they have your money goodness only knows what they’ll be like afterward.

OK so you have your shortlist of caterers now ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they inspire confidence?
  • Are they responsive to emails or calls?
  • Do they know what they’re talking about (food & logistics wise)?
  • Is their pricing up front and transparent?
  • Do they make me feel at ease & in good hands?
  • Are they super-efficient & organised?
  • Are they friendly & make me feel important to them?
  • Do they ‘feel right’ do they connect with me?

After ten successful years in business, & with 500 wedding under their belts, the fabulous husband & wife team that is ‘Kemp & Kemp‘ can confidently say they tick all of the boxes.

For more information, visit their website or give them a call 0800 644 4566Things to consider when choosing a caterer