It’s finally here, the International Wedding Trend Report for 2022. The International Academy produces this report for Wedding and Event Planners. It gives you all the predicted wedding trends of 2022, so here goes…

General Highlights

2022 is set to be the biggest year for Weddings since to ’80s, and it’s predicted to continue well into 2023;

There will be an increase in weekday weddings because of limited availability on weekends from the postponements of 2020 and 2021.

The predicted wedding trends of 2022

The number of back garden weddings will be increasing. They can be made personal to the Couple. They have more control and greater flexibility than at a larger wedding venue.

2022 – The big and small weddings…

The pandemic gave everyone a chance to consider what’s important to them – such as inviting a smaller number of guests deemed important to Couples.

There is also a new style of Wedding planning – thanks to Covid (The only thing we can be thankful for). Couples are breaking away from Wedding traditions and have the Wedding that they really want.

Small Weddings…

 We will see a rise in micro weddings, elopements, and styles that just feel more comfortable to Couples – instead of having the Wedding traditionally expected of them.

I’ve got a feeling this year, we will see many new traditions starting!

Spending quality time with friends and family is important.


Big Weddings...

On the flip side, there are those couples who want to make up for lost time and party like it’s 2019 – pre-covid days.

This will include multi-day celebrations and hiring unique acts such as interactive musicians and drag queen performers!

Whether big or small, Couples want to give their guests an unforgettable event or even a weekend. Wow, factors are where the wedding budget is being splurged on.

The predicted wedding trends of 2022


The Anniception

This is something that I’ve already had the pleasure to coordinate a couple of times last year. An amalgamation of anniversary and reception.  

For those that had the small intimate receptions when restrictions were in place, then a bigger celebration a year later on their first wedding anniversary.


We’ve already been introduced to the Panton Colour of the year, Very Peri, but as with most of the predicted wedding trends of 2022, there are almost contradictions with the colour trends too!

Earth Tones

Nudes, beiges, soft whites, dusky rose, and rust

Bold and Bright

Blues, purples, bright reds mixed with softer shades to make the bright colours stand out.


Since the influences of Downton Abbey and Bridgerton inspire wedding styles, in 2022, we’re going to be seeing a new period drama inspiring designs of Weddings. The Gilded Edge is likely to inspire fashion and decor. Think about the style of the Regency era and floral cake arches being introduced to Weddings.

Back to Nature

Rural weekend weddings, outdoor DIY Weddings (Great news for me!) with more natural and organic styles will be introduced.

Sustainability is still important. Couples still want to reduce the amount of waste at their Weddings. They will be using more minimalist wedding styles. Digital Wedding stationery will be a big focus – not paper save the dates. The wedding website will be an essential tool for keeping Guests in the know about any last-minute changes to their wedding day.

Other styles and designs being seen in 2022

Florals: Displays with a significant impact that are breathtaking. Also, a strong focus on maximising and mismatching style.

Nostalgia will see an appearance too, with styles based on 60’s chic, 70’s disco and 80’s OTT designs (I can’t wait to see some of these ideas!)


The predicted wedding trends of 2022Cakes: 

These will still be the focal points for many weddings. We are predicted to see new flavours introduced during 2022: Champagne, Strawberry and rose, lemon and elderflower, and chocolate baileys with chocolate truffle buttercream (Being a chocoholic, I know which one I would love to sample!)

The dining experience:

Plated meals will become popular in 2022, probably due to health concerns and sharing from the Covid pandemic.

Fun individual food ideas and a more casual dining approach will be seen. Tapas trays, personalised pizza boxes, or individual picnic baskets are just some of the predicted wedding trends.

Vegan and vegetarian options also continue to be popular.


As we have seen in the supermarkets recently, there is an increase in the amount of non-alcoholic drinks being introduced, which is said to be carried over into Weddings.


As with many things regarding Weddings, since the start of covid, adaptions have had to be made, and one particular part of the Wedding where this can be seen is with entertainment.The predicted wedding trends of 2022 The change in Couple’s requirements has developed from when smaller weddings were taking place, and a dancefloor filled with 30 people didn’t seem right.

Alternative options to entertain your Guests include casino tables, stand-up comics during dinner, cabaret performers, and magicians. These are no longer restricted to smaller weddings but can also be seen to entertain your guests during the drinks reception.


The predicted wedding trends of 2022This is an American concept that has been around for years, but we could see it starting to trend in the UK instead of having a traditional table plan.

Escort cards are individual name cards with a table number on them. Guests pick their card on their way to the dining area to find out where they are sitting.

The idea of escort cards makes it easier and less messy for Couples to make any last-minute changes if Guests have to drop out at the last minute.

So, there you have it. The predicted wedding trends of 2022. Is there anything in there that you are doing for your Wedding?

Don’t forget that these are predictions made by Wedding Professionals from all over the world. It will be interesting to see what trends Couples will be using this year as they get married.

Finally, if you’re having a back garden, outdoor, or any other kind of DIY Wedding, get in touch to see how I can manage your day for you. Call me on 07980 679575 or drop me an email at



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