Today is summer solstice, and supposedly the first day of Summer!Summer solstice and pagan weddings

What a great day to get married – The longest day to spend those most precious moments.

The Summer Solstice is a Pagan celebration and can also represent fertility.  Today is the perfect day for a Pagan themed Wedding and can begin by a handfasting ceremony.

Paganism allows for more freedom and diversity for your Wedding Day.

Summer solstice and pagan weddings


Another important part of a Pagan Wedding is the jumping of a Besom Broom, that you may want to incorporate into your day.  This tradition represents that sexual unity between the newly married Couple and is the threshold that they would cross as husband and wife.

As with any other Wedding, following the handfasting Ceremony, there is a Wedding Reception with food, entertainment and a celebration with Family and Friends.


For your Pagan themed Wedding, the perfect location would be in a Woodland.  (It is advisable to have some sort of shelter such as a yurt or tipi – You don’t want to rely on the Great British weather)


Consider using earthy colours and natural flowers and foliage to create an ethereal feel.


How about a tarot reader to entertain your Guests, an acoustic singer or a folk band would be all suitable ways to get your party going.  Maypole dancing is also common with Pagan Weddings as are Fire Eaters.


Vegan food is a popular choice for Pagan Weddings (See also my earlier blog on Vegan Weddings)


Whether you are a Pagan and wish to follow a full Pagan Wedding or perhaps you maybe non practicing but like the idea of some of the Pagan rituals and traditions, this would be a wonderful theme to have for a midsummer wedding.

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