staying on budget for your wedding

You want your dream day but will finances allow it?  Well there are ways and means to help you achieve what you want, it is all about prioritising what is important to you both.  Here’s some tips on staying on budget for your Wedding without breaking the bank.


Sit down together and decide on what’s important to you both.

What’s essential? and what do you think would be nice to have if money will allow it.  Make a list

based on this, with the priority items being at the top and the not so

staying on budget for your wedding

essential at the bottom.  The lower down the list are the items that you could potentially cut costs on or do away with altogether.


Allocate money where your guests will spend most of their time, for example do you really need a string quartet or harpist playing outside when everybody will be in inside eating?


Do you really need to invite every single person from your place of work – some of whom you never speak to? Do you want to invite children or “Plus One’s” or can you word your stationery carefully to advise your Guests that these additions are not included in the invitation?


Get married later in the day so you only need to feed your Guests once rather than a lavish three course meal and then an evening buffet.

Or instead of having a three-course meal, do away with the dessert course and have an ice cream tricycle or candy cart. You could even serve your Wedding Cake.

Think about having a hog roast instead of a full meal.


It’s a pretty essential item at any wedding, but do you really need that Kings of Leon tribute act – a DJ is much more economical. You could even create your own playlist and play – that way to you get to dance to the music that you want. Just make sure that the playlist is long enough to last until the end!

staying on budget for your wedding


Negotiate with your suppliers – but be realistic, remember they are in business, and nobody wants to work for a loss. There are usually ways and means of reducing costs if you speak to your suppliers for ideas.


Do you have to get married on a Saturday?  There are some really good packages out there for midweek weddings or out of season weddings.

Don’t forget though, I can also help to save you money with my preferred suppliers, and also many other tips!!

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