Whether you are planning a marquee wedding or having your big day abroad, there are a few things you will want to plan well to ensure your big day is the vision you had been hoping for. Although they will be considered small details, the small details make all the difference.

Hence, here are the things you need to plan carefully and ahead of time to ensure your big day is what you hoped for.

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The music will play a big part in how your big day goes. The right music will make your day special and memorable. Plus, it will get everyone in the right mood. At times, you might want your guests to feel romantic. Hence, using romantic music will make everyone dance slowly and cherish the romance of the moment. Then, you might want your guests to dance faster and have fun. Using pop or old classics will help to achieve this.

Instead of doing the music yourself, it will be best to seek expert help. Using an expert music agency is a great way to find the right wedding band to suit your music taste. They can help source someone that will fulfill your needs and ensure that your dream wedding music is achieved for the best music experience on your big day.


The wedding flowers are also a big part of the special day. Although flowers are such a small feature, they play a big part in the atmosphere and mood. 

For example, using red and pink flowers will represent romance. Whereas using yellow flowers will add more life to the day. 

The flowers you choose might represent something special for the couple, align with the season, or mean something personal. Either way, organizing the flowers and getting them right will make the wedding day feel and be more special. 


Another wedding day essential is the right food. You and your guests will want to be well-fed on such an overwhelming and fun day. Therefore, getting the food right will ensure everyone is satisfied throughout the day. 

Having a sit-down meal means asking everyone about their dietary requirements so everyone can enjoy a full meal. Later on in the evening, it makes sense to offer canapes or buffet food so that if people get hungry, they can fulfill their needs.

Ensuring that the food is of high quality and caters to everyone will guarantee all guests and the special couple can maintain their energy throughout the day. 

Seating plan

If you are having a sit-down meal, it will help to get the seating plan right so that there are no arguments on the day. Sitting someone next to someone they do not like will not go down well. These issues can happen in any family. 

Therefore, ensure to think carefully when making the seating plan so that everyone is happy and has the best time when eating the meal after you get wed.

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