Recently got engaged


Have you recently got engaged? – Congratulations!

You’ve probably not wiped that wide smile off your face yet. But what should you be doing now?

Here are five things you should be doing next to tell everyone that you’ve recently got engaged.

Tell your Family

Before you post all over social media your fantastic news, make sure you tell your parents and close ones first. Imagine their upset if they hear that you got engaged from a second-hand source.

 Get a manicure for your ring selfie.Recently got engaged

You want to show all of your friends and family that you’ve recently got engaged and show off your new rock. Think about the photo’s that you are about to post all over Social Media. Your nails will also be on show. You don’t want everyone to be looking at your chipped nails instead of the sparkles on your third finger!

Update your Social Media Status

Go ahead, tell the world that you’ve got engaged, shout it from the rooftops – well, from Facebook and Instagram!

Consider themes for your wedding.

Start thinking about what type of wedding you would like – your dream day, whether it be a fairytale castle or in rustic woodland.

Make a Pinterest Board

Ok, so your head is in a spin and full of ideas about your dream day. Start making Pinterest Boards get some ideas about your dream day. Go ahead and have some fun before the reality and budgets set in. Also, buy a pretty notebook to write all your thoughts, important reminders, and “to do’s” in

So there you have it, the 5 “fun” things to do if you’ve recently got engaged. 

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