Current Government Guidelines aren’t looking to be shifted for a while. Are you thinking about what to do about your Wedding Day?


Planning your Wedding with 15 people


Today, I’m talking to you about planning your Wedding with 15 people.

You may not be celebrating with EVERYONE you wanted to, but you can still get to wear your dream dress, you can still cut your wedding cake (Although you might want to think about downsizing)

YOUR CEREMONYPlanning your wedding with 15 people

This is the perfect opportunity to make your Wedding all about you. Personal and intimate. Don’t worry about pouring your heart out in front of lots of people. Consider hiring a Celebrant. (Take a look at a recent post of mine) Your Wedding-Your Choice


As you haven’t got a huge number of Guests, think about travelling to your Wedding Venue all together.  Hire a minibus or something a bit more special (Scroll down to the end of this post for some important information)


Regardless of your food and drink choice for your original wedding, this is your time to have some fun. Go for something a bit different.


You do have some restrictions when it comes to planning your wedding with 15 people (See the end of this post) But it doesn’t mean you have to all sit in silence.  Play some games.  Mr and Mrs would be a good “getting to know you” exercise.  Ask your Guests to fill in some “WEDLIBS”

Don’t forget the speeches too. With so few Guests, everyone could have a turn at making a speech. You might want to put a time limit on each person though – and no shouting also!


Of course, planning your Wedding with 15 Guests does mean that a lot of people are missing out on your special day. But it doesn’t have to be so bad…


Hire an AV Company to live stream your day to all your Friends and Family that should be with you.  Although they can’t be with you in person, they can still be with you in spirit (Well champagne actually). Encourage your Friends and Family to raise a glass or two, three etc. with you.


You maybe officially married in 2020/2021, you can get on with your life, maybe start a family. There’s no reason why you can’t re-live your Wedding Day in the future when Covid has “done one”

You can wear your wedding outfit again, and you could renew your Vows in front of everyone as originally planned.

Planning your wedding with 15 people


There are some Government Guidelines which you need to be aware of (These can change at any time, so it is recommended to look at the Government website regularly)  These guidelines that I am referring to, also only relate to England.  If you are getting married in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland please check your relevant Government Website.




Highlights from this blog about things you should know:

  • If you choose to travel with all your Guests, you should all wear a face mask
  • Anyone working for your Wedding ceremony is not included in the 15 people – this just relates to you as a Couple and your Guests, not Suppliers;
  • Weddings should only go ahead in Covid Secure Venues (Not marquees in your home gardens or within family homes)
  • Receptions can’t take place in very high restricted Covid areas;
  • All Guests should be socially distanced 2 metres apart
  • Ceremonies need to be conducted in the shortest time;
  • Playing music at volume should be avoided (Refer to Government Guidelines for more details on entertainment)
  • Guests should avoid singing, shouting and raising voices.

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Images: Unsplash and The Knot