Planning mistakes to avoid

Tying the knot with your partner can be an exhilarating experience. Statistics indicate that approximately 275 000 weddings are held in the UK, crediting the popularity of weddings. When planned properly, your wedding can hold many pleasant memories you’d cherish for a long time. However, certain mistakes can have adverse effects, so keep this in mind. So, are you getting married soon? If yes, here’s what you should avoid for the best results.

Making plans before determining your budget

Admittedly, the planning process can be exciting, as you get to explore various options to make your wedding memorable. However, you want to avoid making any plans without determining how much you’re willing to spend on your wedding. You risk spending more than necessary, affecting your finances even after the wedding. Also, you can end up buying on impulse while neglecting to pay for the important elements. Therefore, it becomes essential to create a feasible budget to help guide the planning process.

You can begin by creating a list of wedding essentials, including the venue, rental and officiant fees, marriage licences, refreshments, wedding bands, attires, makeup and hairdo, etc. It’s also prudent to keep track of your expenses to ensure that you aren’t going overboard with your spending, so keep this in mind.

Choosing the wrong venue 

Your wedding location makes all the difference in your wedding. Therefore, choosing the wrong place can make your event lose its appeal. A common mistake couples make is to fall for aesthetics instead of looking out for the practical aspects. Others choose options that don’t suit their preference or create the right atmosphere for their guests. To avoid this, it’s best to decide with your partner what kind of wedding you want to enable you to choose the right location. For instance, you’ll find it helpful to opt for a country house wedding venue if you desire a country theme wedding.

Choosing a spacious area when you have fewer guests can be wasteful while choosing a small place for a larger guest number can make the event uncomfortable for everyone. You want to consider your guest list for a more informed decision. As a tip, ensure that you choose a venue that wouldn’t strain your budget, and make your reservations in advance to avoid clashing with another event.

Not considering the weather

If you have an indoor wedding, you may not be concerned with the weather. However, you should factor in weather changes if you intend to have an outdoor event. Having your special day ruined by rain or other weather elements can be frustrating, making it important to determine the right time to host it. If you’re planning to marry during spring or summer, you’ll find it helpful to work with your event planners to create a backup rain plan just in case it happens. Some venues offer backup options for bad weather, while others don’t. So you want to ensure that your chosen venue has your back in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

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