Have you been planning the wedding that should have happened, but hasn’t yet?

It’s been a rubbish year or more hasn’t it –  2020 was supposed to be the first milestone year since the Millennium and then Bang! Coronavirus hit us!  Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel now with the limit of 30 being lifted from 21st June.  There are still some restrictions in place, so to hear the latest Government Guidelines in a Video that I have made, visit my Social Media Pages. Click on the links here Facebook or Instagram

Are you reading this, being in the same position as many other Couples, who have sadly had to postpone or cancel their Wedding.  Remember, that you’re not alone.  I recently contacted Brides and Grooms that are on my mailing list to ask them to carry out a Survey about the effects of them having to postpone or cancel their Wedding due to Covid.  Here are the results here:

100% of all of the responders have had to postpone or cancel their Wedding in the last year because of the Coronavirus restrictions.

How many times have you had to postpone your Wedding

Most responders have postponed once or twice, however in those that have postpone only once, some have not re-booked their Wedding yet due to the uncertainty that is still there.

Have you had to change your arrangements much from your original Wedding?

Whilst some haven’t changed their arrangements, there are a few that have changed their numbers or fine tuned their Wedding Plans to make their Wedding Day more personal to them.

How have People been towards you when you tell them that you’ve had to postpone your Wedding?

All responders have said that People have been fine, if a little disappointed for the Couple

How have you coped mentally with the stress of having to postpone your Wedding?

Most of the responders have said that they have struggled with having to postpone their Wedding.

Have you Friends and Family been supportive towards you?

99% responders said that they have received full support from their Family and Friends.

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face from postponing your Wedding

Most responders have said that the biggest obstacle lay with the Venue or Suppliers, in particular being able to get a new date booked,

There was also comments about the lack of clarity from the Government.

Have you found any positives- things that you’ve been able to do as a result of postponing your Wedding?

More time to save money, Going smaller and personalising the Wedding Day were a lot of the responses.

What is the new date for your Wedding?

33% have chosen to get married in 2021

44% have chosen to wait until 2022

23% are still unsure about booking a new date until there is more certainty.

On a final point, most responders have said that the Suppliers have been sympathetic and changed the date at no extra cost.  There was one person, however that said that the Venue had been unhelpful and wouldn’t refund their money as a result of the Wedding not being able to go ahead.

So, if you’re planning the Wedding that should have happened- but hasn’t yet, you’re not alone.  Do these feelings sound familiar to you?  I would love to have a chat with you about how the last year has been for you.

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