Last week I wrote about planning a Wedding for 15 People, so today I thought I’d write about planning a wedding of two halves –  Small and intimate on one hand and big party on the other.

Planning A wedding of two halves

Here are some questions you might be asking yourself with some answers to help you:

Can I afford to have two Weddings?

Your first Wedding will be smaller, so food costs will be reduced. You could talk to your Guests (They’re probably close family anyway so would understand) and see if they would mind paying for their meal.

You’ve probably already bought the bigger items for your original Wedding e.g. your dress – And you get twice the use out of it!

You’ve also got longer to replace the money spent on your Smaller Weddings.  As with all Wedding Budgets, think about what’s important for your Wedding(s) and focus your budget in those areas.  Whatever you do though, please don’t get into debt – nobody wants to start married life paying off their Wedding.

Where can I have my smaller Wedding?

Under current Government guidelines, you must use a Covid Secure Venue.

Perhaps your original plans were to get married in a Hotel.  You can still do that for both Weddings.  That Hotel would hold even more memories for your Wedding.

If you’re planning on have a marquee wedding in your garden, unfortunately you can’t currently have your Wedding here because it isn’t Covid secure.  But do you have a favourite local Hotel or restaurant you could go to?

What shall I wear?

Why not wear your outfit twice?

Or perhaps have two outfits.  White/Ivory jumpsuits are very on trend now, you could always wear one of those for your smaller wedding.

Should I have a Photographer or Videographer for my smaller wedding?


Your small wedding is equally as important as your big one.  It will still create memories for you – You need photo’s just as much.

Also, regular readers know how important I think a Wedding Video is.  This situation is no different, and you could play the one from your smaller wedding at your bigger Wedding on a big screen.

LAST WORDS…Party like you’ve never partied before….

When the restrictions are lifted, what a perfect excuse to have a huge party and meet up with friends and family that you’ve not seen for months (I know we’re certainly planning on having a big party for no other reason than to catch up with everybody)

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the Government website for updates on what you can and can’t do for your Wedding due to Covid.

Planning A wedding of two halves

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