Place… Time…Content… it’s your Wedding, it should be your choice.

Guest Blog By Penny ThompsonIndependent Wedding Celebrant

Did you know there is no legal requirement to register your marriage on your wedding day?  Your marriage can be legally registered prior to your wedding.

By pre-registering your marriage and working with an Independent Wedding Celebrant you are free to choose the place, content and timing of your Wedding ceremony without tiresome and sometimes costly restrictions.


With an Independent Wedding Celebrant your wedding can take place anywhere;

  • a registered wedding venue, inside or in its gardens
  • a non registered venue
  • your own garden
  • a beautifully decorated village hall
  • a marquee
  • a beach
  • in the middle of a field.

It’s your wedding. You should get to choose the venue of your dreams.Independent Wedding Celebrant


Your wedding ceremony is a very personal experience. The culmination of private promises made to each other. The start of the next stage of your journey in life together, as a couple or as a family and should be a reflection of you.  With an Independent Celebrant writing your ceremony for you there are no restrictions on content;

  • write your own vows or promises
  • include something of your story
  • readings and music that you love
  • include faith based material if you wish
  • include something ancient and traditional

Hand-fasting is a lovely way to affirm your vows and promises and can be tailored to you and your family. Especially lovely when it joins two families from different cultures.


With no requirement to fit into anyone’s work schedule. Time pressures are relaxed and you get to choose the time of your wedding ceremony;

  • late afternoon for an evening party
  • daybreak on a beach
  • sunset on a hill

You may not want to be that dramatic, but the choice is your and if by chance you are running late, there is no problem your Celebrant will wait for you.

So there we are, content, place and time, all in your hands to choose, no restrictions, it’s your day, your wedding ceremony just as you always dreamed it would be.

Independent Wedding CelebrantPenny has 10 years  experience of  working as a Registrar prior to becoming an Independent  Celebrant, she will help you to organise the registrations of your marriage prior to your wedding day, and  work with you to write and deliver your bespoke wedding ceremony

For more information you can contact her either by phone: 07855 964267, Email or visiting the website 

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