Overcoming your wedding day nervesYou’ve been planning your Wedding for months and now the day if finally, here. The nerves are starting to set in – Sorry but there’s a high chance they will (I’ll let you into a secret – I had major issues with nerves on my Wedding Day 19 years ago – and I don’t even know why!)

So, how are you going to deal with overcoming your wedding day nerves?


Walk down your hallway or garden path like you’re walking down the aisle.

Imagine all eyes are on you from both sides.

If you’re making a speech, practice in front of your Partner or in front of a mirror until you’re confident with what you are saying.


Turn any negative thoughts in to a positive – “I haven’t done enough for my Wedding Décor” – Yes you have, your Venue looks fantastic and all of your Guests will enjoy the wow factor when they walk in.


In the days running up to your Wedding, start doing some self-help and use some meditation, deep breathing exercises to keep calm.


Set yourself a mantra and repeat it every day “I’ve got this”, “I’m confident” or “I’ve nothing to be nervous about, I know all of my Guests, there are no strangers to be nervous in front of”

THINK WONDER WOMANOvercoming your wedding day nerves

Stand tall, shoulders back. You’ve got this. If you walk down the aisle like this, you will ooze confidence and the nerves will disappear. You can do this, you’re Wonder Woman!

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The day before your Wedding, do as much as you possibly can to relax. I know this is a difficult if you’re having a DIY Wedding. You will no doubt be busy decorating your Venue, but I can’t stress enough, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CUT OFF TIME, where you stop, walk away and have some chill out time. It doesn’t matter what you choose whether it is prosecco with the girls or going out for a family meal.

If you’re having your Wedding, in a Hotel, for example, where most things are done for you, spend some time chilling. Get your nails done, go out for lunch etc. BUT RELAX


You will, no doubt, want to be in control of your Wedding, but you can reduce your Wedding Day nerves significantly by hiring an On the Day Wedding Coordinator to take care of your day itself. For more information, take a look at my SERVICES page.

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