Wedding coordinator, wedding planner, wedding day manager, on-the-day coordinator, whatever you want to call me, my job as your Wedding Coordinator is essential to make sure your day runs smoothly. But do you know exactly what I do? – I’m giving you a summary of my role and some things I’ve done for Couples over my 7 years in business as LMS Weddings. (That will come in part 2 – next week)

Warning: This blog post will be a long one, as my job is really intense! Which is why it’s in two parts!

My job as your Wedding Coordinator

So firstly, I’ll go through the “basic” tasks that I take on when you employ me as your Wedding Coordinator:

I’m a good listener…

I will always listen to what you say and offer advice and guidance along the way.

I’ve worked on lots of Weddings. I’ve seen what works well and also what not so well! – You can take my advice or ignore me (I won’t be offended!)

I get to know your Suppliers before your Wedding Day.

I speak to your Suppliers a couple of weeks before your Wedding Day. From then on, I will be their point of contact, especially on the day. Let’s face it, the last thing you want is to be bothered by the DJ or Caterer on your special day.

I also visit your Venue before talking to your Suppliers and letting them know about any difficulties they may find in getting there. This includes me making a note of what 3 words to give them, so they don’t get lost and turn up to your Wedding late!

I will meet you the day before your Wedding at your Venue

This is when we have a final rundown of timings, and any last-minute changes, so I know exactly what you want me to do for your Wedding. I also find out where you want things, such as the cake or the entertainment setting up.

On the day itself – Before you arrive.

I will arrive at your Wedding reception before you do to make any last-minute checks. If you have any jobs that need finishing before your Guests arrive – I’ll do them too!

On the day – During your Wedding

I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be the point of contact for your Suppliers, but I’ll also be there for your guests if they have any questions about the day.

Throughout the day, if you want me to, I can make announcements to your guests so that they know exactly what is happening, when, and where they are supposed to be.

I’ll make sure that your day runs smoothly and according to how you want it to be. I’m here to make sure nothing gets forgotten! I keep out of your way as much as possible, but I’ll drop by throughout the day to ensure that you’re ready to do things such as cut your cake, first dance, etc. Remember, it is your day to have your way.

My emergency toolkit!

For every Wedding that I do, I always have my toolkit with me, just some of the things it contains are here:

  • Silver wedding cake knife – for you to borrow for your “cutting of the cake” photograph
  • First aid kit
  • Sewing kit – I have been known to sew up a bridesmaid’s dress in the past!
  • PA System and microphone for those all-important announcements
  • Tool kit – always comes in handy!
  • Tissues – I get through lots of these -giving out to Guests, especially during the speeches!
  • The list goes on.

Don’t just take my word for it…

I said this was a long post, and I’ve tried to keep it as short as possible. Next week, I will talk about some of the “extra” tasks I’ve done over the years on Wedding Days. In the meantime, don’t just take my word for it; look at what past couples have said about me at my testimonials.

If you want to find out more, drop me an email or call me. I’d love to have a chat with you about your wedding day 07980 679575

(Photo credits: James Docherty Photography & Victoria Welton Photography