LMS Weddings and 2019 HighlightsAs the Year ends, I thought I would bring you some highlights of the Weddings that I was lucky to be part of this year.

2019 has been an incredible year, I’ve loved helping Couples enjoy their dream day and ensure that they are exactly as they had planned.

“It wouldn’t have been the day and night without you”

Kirsty and Mark’s wedding was the first one of the year and it was definitely a logistical challenge. They got married outside of Birmingham. The reception was held in the City Centre at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. One problem though, we couldn’t have access until the early evening!

But the day ran to plan and in their words, I gave “much needed support on our fabulous day”LMS Weddings and 2019 Highlights

To read more about Kirsty and Mark’s day, head over to https://lmsweddings.co.uk/real-wedding-stories/kirsty-and-marks-wedding-story/

After that, most of my other Weddings took place in marquees. Some in grounds of the family homes, other at specific marquee wedding Venues.

I can’t leave out the last wedding of the Year, the emotional day for Charlotte and William, who’s day was made possible through Gift of A Wedding. Read more about this day at https://lmsweddings.co.uk/real-wedding-stories/gift-of-a-wedding/


There has been a mix of food, from buffet style, formal 3 course meals to Indian Snacks.

My favourite dessert must be from the Brownie Boss not good if you’re counting calories!


This year saw me working with some old favourite local bands and also meeting new faces, all kept the dancefloors full. I even had the chance to work with Singing Waiters who were fab.

LMS Weddings and 2019 HighlightsI have loved all the Couples that got married this year. They all had their own individual style and themes. To read more about my 2019 weddings, click on www.lmsweddings.co.uk/real-wedding-stories and to have a look at what the Couples said about me head over to www.lmsweddings.co.uk/testimonials

2020 is going to be another busy year, and I can’t wait to do it all over again with some more lovely couples. Thank you so much to Couples past and present for choosing LMS Weddings to coordinate their wedding day x