Your Matron of Honour has accepted the task of being there for you on your wedding day to ensure that everything is perfect for you.

There are some important jobs for your Matron of Honour to carry out on your wedding morning:

Important jobs for your Matron Of Honour


1. Make sure her phone is fully charged (and yours if she is looking after it for you)

There may be times when Guests need to contact you or your Bridal Party.  They maybe lost trying to find the wedding venue or they may have even lost you – Trust me it is possible to lose the Bride and Groom! Not to mention using her mobile phone for capturing special moments to post on Instagram!

2. Your Matron of Honour should make sure you eat

It is going to be a busy and long day, you all need to make sure that you eat, even if it is just something to nibble on.  None of you want to be passing out at the alter!

3. Make sure that you go to the Bathroom!

Yes it may seem obvious, but it is always a good idea to go before you get your dress on.

4. Your Matron of Honour should have essential supplies in her handbag

Tissues, Painkillers and plasters are some of the most important items she should carry, as well as any other extra’s you may want her to carry for you.

5. Check that you are staying hydrated

Just like remembering to eat, it is also important that your Matron of Honour ensures that you all drink plenty of water – especially before you start on the bubbles!

6. Calm your nerves

When choosing your Matron of Honour, you need to think about the one who will have a calming influence on you.  A stressful bridesmaid isn’t good for you on your wedding day!

Important jobs for your Matron of Honour

7. Finally, check you have everything you need

You will have enough to worry about on your wedding day. Go through with your Bridesmaid, beforehand a checklist of what you will want on your wedding day.  Your Matron of Honour is there to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

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