Are you one of the lucky ones to get engaged over Christmas -if so congratulations.

I'm engaged what now

Once you have finished admiring your gorgeous rock though, you may be thinking “I’m engaged, what now”.

Here are 10 quick tips on what to do once you’ve got engaged:

First – Enjoy being engaged

Spend some time cherishing this special moment together

Second – Tell your family first

While it might be tempting to spread your good news all over Social Media – make sure that you are the first to tell your Parents before they hear it from someone else.

Third – The Ring Shot

I'm engaged what now

Remember everybody will be looking at your hand – make sure those fingers are nicely manicured

Fourth – Cute Social Media Photo’s

I'm engaged what now

Why not use your pet (if you have one) to share your good news?

Fifth – Start now by being creative

That’s what wedding planning is all about – so you may as well start now with your engagement.  If you haven’t got a pet, think of an alternative way to spread your news.  Chalkboards are a great way to share your news in a quirky way.

Sixth – Be a Diva!

Why not purchase a Bride to Be T-shirt

Seventh – Update your “engaged” status on Facebook

I’m sure you’ve probably already done this by now, but just in case you’ve forgot in all the excitement, now’s your chance

Eighth – Do it the traditional way

Forget social media, tell your Friends in person over a glass (or two) of champagne

Ninth – Have an Engagement Shoot

These are a fantastic way of checking out your ideal Photographer for your Wedding to know that they are the right person for you

Tenth- Start the Ring Shopping

Alright, now that you got your gorgeous engagement ring, you need to start shopping for a good wedding ring that will complement it. While you don’t need to buy your wedding bands ASAP, you will want to take care of this sooner rather than later. Basically, when it comes to actually purchasing your wedding ring, you’ll want to try and do that around five to six months before the wedding (but sooner is always welcomed) so you’ll be able to get the right size and fit since it can be a bit of trial and error. So, just go ahead and start doing some window shopping, see what you like, see what screams you, figure out what your partner likes too, and just have fun with it! 

And finally – Get planning

There’s nothing more exciting than starting to plan your dream day.  Not sure where to start? Check out a recent blog of mine How do I start to plan my wedding and also take a look at more of my website for details of my services

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