Wedding Day Hashtag

Your wedding day hashtag – whether you love social media or hate it, it’s everywhere you look, and your wedding day is no different.

Having a wedding day hashtag can be a great way for your friends and family to share your special day from messages of congratulations through to unofficial photographs.  It is also a great way for those who are unable to share your day with you in person, to get an insight into your celebrations.

But how do you use your wedding day hashtag?  Here are a few tips:


Think about what comes into your head first and use that, don’t overcomplicate your hashtag.  Perhaps think about #”marriedsurname”wedding or #”brideandgroomsfirstnames”wedding

Remember, the simpler your wedding day hashtag is, the easier it will be for your friends and family to use. Depending on your names, you could always add a bit of comedy to your Hashtag.


There is no point having your wedding day #hashtag if your friends and family don’t know about it.  It will either not get used, or your more social media savvy friends will just end up making their own # up.

When you send out your invitations, write you wedding day #hashtag on them. Write it on the Order of Service so that your friends and family will see it and use it during the Ceremony.  Write it on the Menu’s so that your Guests will use it during the meal and have signs at your wedding with it on so everyone knows about it.

Wedding Day Hashtag

Wedding Day Hashtag


Use it on the run up to your wedding day, everything from the planning stage, to the hen and stag parties through to the last night before your married. Use it to keep your friends and family updated with all things that you are up to when it comes to your Wedding.


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