Vegan Wedding

Preparing for a wedding is no small feat. And when you’re a vegan couple, there’s an extra layer of thought and consideration involved. You don’t stop at creating a fabulous celebration. You want one that reflects your beliefs, protects the planet, and leaves a lasting impression on your wedding guests. Fortunately, this blog shares some creative and practical tips to help you throw a vegan wedding party that delights everybody in attendance.

Scout for a vegan-friendly venue

Finding a suitable venue can help set your big day up for success. Look for a location that embraces vegans or is at least open to accommodating your dietary preferences. Your options include a plant-based restaurant, an eco-conscious setting with vegan catering choices, or even a whimsical outdoor area where you can bring in a vegan-friendly caterer. 

Support vegan vendors in your community

Partner with local vegan or vegan-supporting vendors to support and showcase at your wedding. This could mean hiring a vegan florist, makeup artist, or photographer. By collaborating with like-minded individuals, you’re not only strengthening the vegan business community but also ensuring that your wedding truly and fully embodies your values.

Put your own twist on the vegan wedding cake

Your cake is a focal point in the wedding experience, so it deserves some special attention. Choose from distinct vegan flavors like matcha, lavender, or even a rich chocolate orange. Work with a talented vegan baker who can bake a showstopper adorned with intricate vegan frosting and decorations, or a simple yet striking piece of pastry. Whichever you prefer, the right baker and the right flavours will ensure that your guests won’t be able to resist a slice!

Come up with an enticing vegan menu

Food is the heart and soul of any celebration, and that includes weddings. Many non-vegans have an unfortunately limited or skewed impression of vegan food. So make sure that your menu is diverse, flavourful, and absolutely delectable. Go beyond the expected vegan fare by offering unique options like jackfruit tacos, stuffed mushrooms, or even a mouthwatering vegan cheese platter. Communicate closely with your caterer to curate a menu that surprises and satisfies your guests’ taste buds. Remember that for some of your guests, your wedding banquet will be their first taste of a vegan diet.

Serve signature vegan cocktails

Who says vegan drinks can’t be exciting? Take your wedding bar to the next level by mixing signature vegan cocktails. Instruct your mixologist to craft refreshing drinks that incorporate the freshest, in-season fruits, herbs, and plant-based spirits. Think of tantalizing options like a cucumber-mint margarita or a sparkling pomegranate spritzer. A refreshingly different drink menu will have your guests coming back for more!

Invest in sustainable decor

In many ways, organizing a vegan wedding is planning an ethical wedding. The principles are the same: sustainability, innovation, and a deep respect for the environment and humanity. Make your wedding eco-friendly by opting for sustainable decorations. Instead of store-bought, single-use utensils and plates, opt for reusable or compostable dinnerware, tablecloths made from organic fabrics, and decorations crafted from recycled materials. Additionally, incorporate potted plants and flowers instead of cut flowers for centerpieces. You may also use dried flowers and greenery if your wedding is rustic-themed.

Set up interactive vegan stations

Provide an extra venue for fun, engagement, and a little bit of education by setting up interactive vegan stations throughout your reception area. Consider a DIY vegan ice cream sundae bar, a make-your-own guacamole station, or a build-your-own taco stand. These stations will not only entertain your guests but also provide them with an opportunity to explore and discover the goodness of vegan culinary arts.

Make space for vegan talent

If you have vegan friends or family members with remarkable talents, why not invite them to share their skills during your wedding? Whether you invite a vegan musician, a vegan artist, or a vegan dance performer, they’ll be able to share their personal touches to make your celebration even more memorable. Not to mention, you’ll be able to strengthen your ties with your community and practice of veganism.

Thank your guests with vegan favors

Give your guests an indelible token of gratitude by gifting them eco-conscious wedding favors. Vegan wedding favors may range from small potted plants, vegan chocolates, reusable bamboo straws, or handmade organic soaps. These thoughtful gifts will serve as a reminder of your special day while promoting sustainable living beyond your big day.

Celebrate your gorgeous green wedding with us

Your wedding tells your story as individuals and as a couple. That’s why your vegan lifestyle deserves to be an integral part of your celebration. Through a vegan menu, cocktail bar, cake, food stations, and decorations you’ll be able to showcase and reflect your choices for your guests to understand and appreciate. Working with vegan vendors and performers can also be a testament to your commitment.
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