Protecting our environment is important to everyone, and how you plan your special day is also important.  Sustainable Weddings are getting extremely popular now, so how do you plan your sustainable wedding?

How to plan a sustainable wedding


Think about the items that you are having for your Wedding, is there much plastic? Think of ways you can reduce the amount you’ve got.  With careful consideration it is possible to have a completely plastic free sustainable wedding.

Examples of how you can do this:

Compostable “glassware”, bamboo plates and cutlery, water on tables in glass bottles rather than plastic.


If you go out to a restaurant for a meal, there is a huge emphasis on locally sourced produce, and your Wedding is no different.  Source local Caterer’s to the Venue where you are having your wedding, likewise they should source their food locally.  All your Suppliers should be local too, therefore reducing travel time.


Travel time was mentioned when talking about sourcing local suppliers for your Sustainable wedding, but it is also an important consideration for your Guests too.

Think about having your Ceremony at the same place as your Reception.

If you’re having your Reception in the middle of nowhere, look at accommodating your Guests at one Hotel, and also organising a coach to transport them at the end of the night, therefore having one journey rather than many individual car journey’s.


As well as locally sourced produce, think about what you are eating.  Are you going to only have organic produce, or perhaps a vegan menu?  Some Caterer’s also only produce Fairtrade meals.  This maybe something to ask when sourcing your Caterer.

How to plan a sustainable wedding


If you are sending out invitations, use recycled paper products.  It is more sustainable to send your invites digitally to your Guests, that way you can put all the important information together. A wedding website is also the perfect way to let all your Guests know what you expect from your Wedding Day.

Also, if you are planning on giving your Guests and order of the day, or menu beforehand, ask them to download the information to their phone so they have the details with them on your Wedding Day.


Think about having vintage or second-hand wedding outfits and recycle them afterwards by re-selling or donating to specific Charity wedding shops.

If you are having a bespoke wedding dress made, make sure that your Designer works under fair conditions and is also aware of where they get their supplies of material from.


Make sure that your flowers are locally grown, or even better grow your own for your Wedding. Consider using alternatives to cut flowers, such as potted foliage or herbs.


Recycle and re-use where possible.  Pallets are great and so versatile when it comes to Wedding décor.  Look at sourcing props from vintage and charity shops to add a touch of rustic and retro.


If you are going to give your Guests a keepsake of your special day, why not give them seeds to plant as a reminder.


Your sustainable wedding doesn’t have to end on your Wedding Day.  Your honeymoon could be sustainable too. Why not have a staycation in the UK?

How to plan a sustainable wedding

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