If you’re looking to plan a marquee wedding, you’re effectively planning a blank canvas (Excuse the pun!) Even from the initial planning stage, there’s lots to think about.

I will guide you through a quick snapshot of how to plan a marquee wedding.

How to plan a marquee wedding

First things to consider

Before even contacting any marquee companies, there are several things to think about first:

Level ground and size

A marquee will need to be on level ground. You also need to consider the number of Guests you’re having and the space. Is there enough room on the ground for the marquee? Also, you need space for the toilets and catering tent as a bare minimum.


Your space needs to have sufficient access for a large vehicle and trailer to get to. Marquees may come in small lorries or on trailers. Toilets will be towed in too.

Drinking Water

Both your Bar and Caterers will need water. The bar is for serving Guests, and both the bar and Caterer for washing up/ cooking.

Car Parking

Your Guests will need somewhere to park. This needs to be close to the marquee site. It also needs to be preferably lit for leaving at the end of the night.  

Which Marquee?

The main two types of marquee are clearspan and traditional pole.

One thing to consider with a clearspan is when you are getting married. If it is in Summer and likely to be hot, clearspan marquees are like greenhouses in that they have lots of windows and can have a clear roof too. Clearspan marquees are made from a steel frame and don’t have any poles in them.

Clearspan marquee

Depending on the size, a traditional marquee has three or four wooden poles in the middle of the marquee. They provide a more rustic feel.

Other structures you may want to consider could be a Tipi or a Yurt.

What is included when hiring a marquee 

Each marquee company is different in what they offer. Some price all items individually, while others do a baseline package with optional extras.

As a base, you need:

  • Structure and flooring
  • Lighting
  • Catering tent, with flooring and lighting (Even if you have a food truck, I would recommend still having a place for them to wash up, clean away, etc. -It’s also a good space for your to store items too)
  • Dancefloor
  • Generator
  • Toilets
  • Tables and Chairs
Traditional marquee

Other things to consider

As well as the basics, you might want to consider hiring from the marquee company:

  • Props and Decor, e.g., Poseur tables, Flower hoops, etc.,
  • Bar structure
  • Stage (Particularly if you have a band)
  • Additional chill-out areas – separate marquees with cozy seating in

Hidden Extra’s

One thing to be mindful of when you’re thinking about how to plan a marquee wedding, particularly at the budgeting stage, is to be careful of any hidden extras.  

Always ask for a detailed breakdown of what is included when getting quotes. Look out for:

  • VAT
  • Delivery and Setup charges
  • Damage waiver costs

Other questions to ask

Ask the marquee company if you have to hire their “added items” furniture, toilets, and generator* maybe better priced elsewhere individually.

*Always have a generator with different feeds for what needs to be powered, e.g., Catering and Entertainment should be on separate circuits so as not to over-power.

I never recommend plugging into your household power source. More power is needed for the extra wattage used for a wedding. If in doubt, always speak to a qualified electrician.

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