Today, I’m super excited to introduce another fantastic Supplier for a Guest Blog Post.  Nicola Gough of Nicola Gough Photography talks all about how to make sure you love your Wedding Photos.


So you’ve set the date, found a great venue, and now it’s time to source suppliers.

Photography is usually pretty high on the priority list, as they get booked up quite far in advance, and so the
search begins.

Most of my couples would tell you that they really dislike having their photo taken and before the wedding were pretty nervous about what they were going to look like in their wedding photos.

how to make sure you love your wedding photos

So, how do you make sure you love your wedding photos?

Firstly, choose the right photographer for you and your wedding.

This sounds so obvious, but, if you want natural, relaxed photographs of you and loved ones on your big day, it’s super important to choose somebody who makes you feel comfortable, puts you at ease, and who you think will fit in best with your wedding.

The more comfortable you feel, the better a time you’re going to have, and the better you will look in your photos.

Don’t just base it on price.

You wouldn’t buy a terrible outfit just because it was cheap, nor would you buy a cake that tasted awful but it was the most expensive and therefore, believed to be better. The same applies to wedding photography.

You’re going to spend more time with your photographer than any other supplier, literally the whole day from the morning prep through to the dancefloor action, so you need to like each other.

Don’t let the price be the deciding factor; meet with them, chat with them, are they your cup of tea?

Once you’ve found your ‘one’ (photographer that is, you’ll have already found the love of your life) you still might be worried about how you’re going to look and feel on the day.

A pre-wedding shoot can help with that, think of it as a practice run, talk to your photographer about their availability, it’s essentially just a short, outdoor photo session getting you used to being in front of the camera.

Talk with your photographer about any concerns you may have; we all have hang ups about things but none of them should stop you from having beautiful photos of you and the love of your life.

Many couples request natural, relaxed photos, and on the wedding day, if I told anyone to just stand there and act natural, I’m willing to bet that we would create a very unnatural and awkward photo. Instead, look for action and reaction. Your photographer might give you an action, and aim to capture the reaction, so trust them.

Get close to your newly wedded other half; snuggle up, hold hands, put your arms around each other, tickle each other, whisper your favourite swear words into each other’s ears, don’t be afraid to be yourselves and laugh with each other. If you’re a couple who aren’t into PDA (public displays of affection) well I’m sorry to break it to you, but having a wedding with all your friends and family around is kinda the biggest PDA going. Holding hands or sneaking a kiss here and there won’t hurt.

One thing so many couples get stressed about is the weather.

It is the only part of any wedding day that you cannot control, so don’t waste your precious time and energy worrying about it. Trust me, as someone who got married on a grey, cold, overcast Tuesday, I still had the BEST DAY EVER.

how to make sure you love your wedding photos

I’m often asked if the dress will get dirty.

Um, yes. Even if you are blessed with a dry, mild day, or even if you decide to stay indoors the whole time, any garment that skims the floor will pick up dirt. Come to terms with it early on, and get over it. Don’t let it stop you from getting outside for awesome images or busting the moves on the dancefloor.

Speaking of the dancefloor…

Confetti is ace at any time of the day, but it’s pretty epic when used during your first dance and adds drama if your dance moves are little more than a shuffle. Just check with your venue that it’s allowed before you go setting off half a dozen confetti cannons!

how to make sure you love your wedding photos
And finally, about an hour or so before the sun sets, something called Golden Hour can appear.

It doesn’t really last an hour but it’s a great time of day to head outside and get some romantic portraits; the sun is lower in the sky, the shadows are softer and by this point in the day, you’ll be super relaxed as the formalities will be over any nerves will have disappeared and all they’ll be left to do is start your married life together. Remember, you’ve found someone who loves the bones of you, that’s incredible.

So hold them, kiss them, make them laugh, and tell them they’ve got a great arse!

how to make sure you love your wedding photos

There you have it, everything you need to know about how to make sure you love your Wedding Photos and also how to pick a fantastic wedding photographer.  For more information about Nicola, why not visit her website or drop her an  email  or give her a call 07847 186848