How to entertain children at your Wedding



It’s always a difficult decision to make when planning your Wedding. Should you have children at your Wedding? 

 If you decide to have them there on your big day, how do you keep them entertained?

Here are my best ideas on how to entertain children at your Wedding.

1. Let them get crafty

I wouldn’t recommend painting at your Wedding!

How to entertain children at your Wedding

The last thing you want is angry parents of children who have ruined their beautiful special wedding outfits. 

You could have a selection of “clean crafts” – cutting and sticking (safe glue, of course!), jewellery making, sock puppets, etc. The simplest things can keep children at your Wedding entertained for hours.

2. Hire in the Professionals!

If your venue has sufficient space, why not have a separate room for children at your Wedding to be entertained with activities such as games and storytelling. There are specific Wedding Nannies available too.

3. Disney + – Always a Winner

Again, if your Venue has the space, put in a TV and DVD player and select Children’s favourite Disney films. Or, if you have access, install Disney Plus on a laptop and stream. Not only can this work well during the day, but it could also work well early on during your evening reception before little ones go to bed.

How to entertain children at your Wedding

4. Activity Packs

Colouring books and puzzles are a simple yet brilliant pastime for children at your Wedding to keep them occupied during the speeches.

5. Let the Little Ones capture your day

Disposable cameras given to children at your Wedding will sure keep them entertained during your big day. Your wedding album from these cameras could be enjoyable, dependent upon the age of your little guests!

6. Keep Hunger Monsters Away

Hungry children become grumpy children. Make sure you have snacks and drinks available for them.

7. Outdoor Activities

Suppose you’re having a marquee wedding, or the grounds of your Venue are secure enough, set up lawn games such as giant Jenga and Connect 4. In that case, this will not only entertain the little children at your Wedding – but also keep the grown-ups occupied too! You could hire a bouncy castle – again, as much fun for the big kids!

8. Face Painting

A great way to keep children entertained (Although you may want to forewarn parents, best clothes don’t get ruined!)

9. Mini Disco

What better way to tire children out than to get them doing what they love to do best – dance. Hire a children’s entertainer to set up a mini disco with dancing themed games

10. Mini UshersHow to entertain children at your Wedding

Why not give children a job to do? You could ask them to give out the Order of Service or look after the confetti.

(Some of these tasks are age-dependent. If you’ve got older children at your Wedding, you could always put them in charge of some of these ideas for the younger children, such as the mini disco and outdoor activities)

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