Getting married is an exciting time in your life, but with so much to organise, it can also be stressful. When you’re just starting out, it can often seem overwhelming and leave you not knowing where to begin. Using a wedding planning checklist is a good start, giving you a better idea of what needs to be done and when. This is one of the best ways to keep stress down to a minimum.

How to avoid stress and enjoy planning your wedding

You can do many more things to look after your well-being at this time and help you enjoy the process. Check out some of our top tips below to find out how to avoid stress and enjoy planning your Wedding.

Enlist some help

Planning a big event like a wedding can be much more stressful if you’re doing it by yourself. If your budget allows you to, hiring a wedding planner can take an enormous weight off your shoulders. You’ll still get to make all the decisions, but you’ll have a professional to help sort out some finer details.

If you’re not able to afford a wedding planner, reach out to family or friends for help. We’d advise against getting too many people involved as it can further complicate things. But try to decide on one or two people that might be willing to help. Having an extra pair of hands to help make phone calls and do research can really go a long way towards relieving your stress levels. Plus, involving your closest friends and family in the process can enhance your enjoyment of it!

Be realistic about your budget

Setting a budget at the beginning of the planning process is highly recommended. It can be helpful to set a couple of different numbers. What you can comfortably afford and your absolute maximum. For obvious reasons, we’d recommend starting off with your lowest number.

Once you have your total budget, make a list of everything that you’ll need. Then add an estimated total next to each of those. That way, if one thing ends up being cheaper than you thought, you can move that allowance to something else. If you then add those together and it still comes out as more than your budget, it’s time to figure out where you can cut costs.

Wedding budget

Don’t give in to pressure

A lot of the stress involved in planning a wedding often comes from family and friends wanting things a certain way. For example, your mum might want you to wear a ballgown whereas you want an A-line dress. To avoid these conflicts, try to make it clear upfront that it’s your day so you’ll be making the decisions.

That’s not to say you can’t incorporate some of your family’s wishes into your day, just don’t let them become the centre of it. Make sure that any decisions you make are for you and your spouse.

Plan in advance

Many people hugely underestimate the time it takes to plan a wedding. It’s recommended that you start planning 18 months before your date, which might seem excessive at first, but the time soon flies by. Wedding venues are often booked up for months, or even years depending on where you choose. The same goes for makeup artists, hair stylists, caterers – almost everything.

If you’re having a smaller wedding, you may not need the full 18 months, but it’s a good idea to start making plans at least a year before where possible. There’s always bound to be something that slipped your mind, so allowing that additional time can help to relieve any additional stress.

How to avoid stress and enjoy planning your wedding

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How to avoid stress and enjoy planning your Wedding – Help is here

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