How to choose your bridal partHow do you choose your Bridal party? Is the thought of it stressing you out?  Well, this is one part of the wedding planning where there are no rules, no etiquette right or wrongs, you can ask who you want, don’t forget it’s your day!

As the Bride, if all of your best friends are blokes, why can’t they be your Bridesmen?  Who are the best people to help you with your wedding day – if you feel uncomfortable giving the job of Chief Bridesmaid to that pushy friend who will just take over YOUR day, guess what the answer is: don’t ask her!

Numbers don’t matter either when choosing your Bridal party.

If you want just one Bridesmaid (or man) that’s fine, if you want 20 that’s fine also (although that many may just take over your day!!)

The most important thing when you choose your Bridal party is that you choose the right people for the job.

Take a while to consider who you want by your side on the run up to and on your big day. Don’t be pressured into it.

Another important thing to remember is that your Bridal party need to be supportive towards you

They should really want to devote their time to you and your big day – who you couldn’t imagine not being by your side on your wedding day.

So how do you choose your Bridal party? How do you choose your bridal party

Well first of all, they need to have good organisational skills (but in a way where they will help you out on your wedding day and not take over)

They need to have a great attitude.

They need to have a caring manner.

What is more important is that they are reliable.  There is nothing more stressful than choosing your Bridal party, only to have someone cancel the week before your wedding day.

Just remember, when you are asking your Bridal party if they would like the job, to make it a special occasion.  Take all of your friends out for a meal or to a spa day when you are going to ask them.  Have fun with your Bridal party, include them when choosing their outfit, and more importantly, treasure every second of the wedding planning with them. x

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