Has the thought of having a Secret Bridesmaid ever come into your Head?

Do you know what a Secret Bridesmaid is?

Have you thought about a Secret Bridesmaid


I’ve recently read a story called just that, The Secret Bridesmaid – and do you know what – it is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last six years!

I get that you want to plan your wedding, but perhaps the thought of the actual day running smoothly is starting to stress you out.  

I get that you want to appear to be in control of your Wedding Day, but you also want to enjoy your day too… Step in me as your Secret Bridesmaid! Rather than hiring me as a professional wedding coordinator, I can do almost everything I usually do, but undercover!

So what can I do as your Secret Bridesmaid?

I can take care of everything on your big day.

As I’m not a close family member, it doesn’t matter if I miss out on the essential parts of your day that your other

Have you thought about a Secret Bridesmaid

Guests would. I can concentrate on the finer details of your day, leaving everyone else to enjoy the party!

I can speak to your Suppliers if there are any issues, for example, with timings.

With all the will in the world, timings usually go out of the window on your wedding day. You may have gone somewhere to have photographs done before going to your reception venue, or you may be enjoying mingling with your guests. The caterers will serve your food, but you’re not ready yet – who will tell the Caterer to wait another half hour or more to serve the food? – Step in me – The Bridesmaid!

Who will ensure that the DJ has arrived and set up ready for your evening reception?

You’re too busy enjoying your special day to notice that it is time for your first dance and nobody is there to play your particular song – I will make sure that they are there and set up on time.

Who is going to act as Toastmaster?

One of your Ushers can do this, but is he used to speaking in front of lots of people or being assertive enough to get your Guests in the place where you want them to be? – also, is he likely to have enjoyed one too many drinks from the Bar!

Suppose you are reading this and starting to panic. If that is the case, the chances are that you need me – eitherHave you thought about a Secret Bridesmaid undercover as one of your Bridesmaids (We would come up with a convincing story first about how we know each other!) or I can be in my everyday capacity as your On the Day Coordinator.

Here at LMS Weddings, I can take care of all of these concerns for you, plus many more, including some things that you may not have thought about, like do the suppliers know where to go on your wedding day?

Why not give me a call for a chat to see how I can help you on your wedding day 07980 679575 or drop me an email. 

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