Are you looking for that something a little bit different when it comes to feeding your Guests? Today I will give you some great food and drinks ideas for your Wedding.

Food and drink ideas for your wedding

Afternoon Tea

This is a perfect replacement for both canapes on arrival and a formal wedding breakfast- particularly if you’re having a later wedding ceremony.

It’s a great idea if you’re having a Vintage themed wedding or at home as an English garden party.

Wedding vodka luge

Vodka Luge

This is great for amazing photos (And you’d be surprised even on the hottest wedding day how long it lasts too). It’s also a surefire way to get your Wedding guests tipsy!

If you have a wedding hashtag, it’s also a great way to display it!

Ice Cream Trike / Vintage Ice Cream Van/Caravan

A perfect alternative to serving dessert at your Wedding. Your Guests can choose their flavour, and younger guests love it too!

Street Food

Don’t want a formal sit down or a buffet meal but looking for something more casual? Why not have a food truck serve your Guests? Pizzas, Burgers, or pies are a good choice, but you can’t beat the smell of fish and chips. Look at the English Indian, who is fantastic and offers something a little different.

Midnight Feast

Are you planning on partying into the night? Ensure you’ve arranged some late-night food to soak up the alcohol. Pizzas, Hot Dogs, Bacon Rolls, or Indian Snacks, all carb overloads to keep the munchies at bay!

Waffle Stand

Another alternative to dessert (And wedding cake if you don’t want one) A selection of toppings is available and perfect for sweet or savoury cravings. You can also have this for evening food.

DIY Cocktail Bar

Get your Guests interacting with your Wedding Day. Have a DIY Cocktail bar. Provide a range of spirits, have some recipe ideas ready (You could even rename them to be more personal for your Day), and let your guests have fun creating their concoctions!

Popcorn stand

Forget canapes, have some popcorn (or instead of a sweet cart), have the traditional sweet, savoury, toffee, but how about flavours: fruit, cheese, even marmite?

Hot Chocolate Bar

If you’re having a Winter Wedding, this is a perfect idea for an arrival drink for your Guests. Have various additions – toppings and flavourings.


And if you’re having a summer wedding, why not have some S’Mores for your Guests to create around the fire pit? Another great way to fill the munchies during the evening. (Check with your Venue first that firepits are allowed!)

So there you have ten food and drinks ideas for your Wedding. These may have inspired you to have something different about feeding your Guests.

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Vodka Ice Luge:

Burger – Street Food Photo by ål nik on Unsplash

S’Mores: Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash