Bridebook is one of the UK’s biggest wedding planning apps.  They have produced a report based on feedback from almost 3000 Couples who married in 2018 and 2019.

Are any of these findings familiar to your Wedding that you are planning?


There is nothing new to report here from the last couple of years. The most popular style of Weddings is Rustic, with a strong emphasis on weddings being personalised that won’t break the bank – I can’t see this changing anytime soon either.

However, more Couples are looking for new ways to use technology when planning their Wedding.Everything about 2020 weddings

Most Couples preference when it comes to their Wedding style is less formal with a more casual wedding vibe.


Not surprising, warm late summer or early Autumn are the most popular times of the year with August being the most popular month. Saturday weddings in 2019 were less than in 2018, probably because people are turning to more midweek or Friday Weddings due to cost.

What month are you getting married in?

The average time Couples were engaged before getting married rose to 23.5 months in 2019.


2/3 Couples are now getting married at the same Venue as where they are having their reception so that it is all in one area.

Venue hire only packages rose to 39% in 2019. Barn weddings also increased in 2019, but other Venue choices remained the same, with Country Houses being the most popular with Garden/Outdoor weddings closely behind.

Couples looked at lovely grounds as a deciding factor when choosing their Wedding Venue, but rustic surroundings increased by 29%.

What sort of Wedding Reception are you having?


The most popular colours for weddings in 2019 was white, blue and pink


On average in 2019, 79 Guests were invited to the Ceremony and 51 being invited just to the evening only. On a whole, many Couples invited between 60 and 120 Guests to the Wedding Reception.


On average, most Couples had 3.5 bridesmaids and 2.6 ushers in 2019.


Last year, 1/5 brides made a speech as well as the Groom.Everything about 2020 Weddings


Most Couples used Pinterest for wedding planning ideas with Bridebook and Hitched following closely behind.


In 2019, a ¼ of couples created either a wedding website or a wedding hashtag to use with their Guests.


Most Couples joint household income is £59,000 or less, with average Weddings costing ¼ of their income.

The average cost of a wedding was £16.005 (this rose to £20,731 when including engagement rings and honeymoon in the figures.


Surprisingly, in 2019, 15% of Couples stayed in the UK for their honeymoon and 17% didn’t take a honeymoon at all

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