An Eco-Friendly Wedding is always a popular theme for many Couples, but have you thought about what to consider when hosting an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Eco Friendly Wedding

Here are 10 things to consider if you’re having an Eco-Friendly Wedding:

1.Reduce Travel for Your Guests

Are you getting married in a location where a lot of your Guests have to travel a distance to get there? Perhaps you’re Eco Friendly Wedding

having your Ceremony a distance away from your Reception Venue.

Think about how your Guests will get from one place to another.

Consider hiring a Coach to transport your Guests from your Ceremony Venue to your Reception or to their accommodation at the end of the night. Or even think about a more quirky way to transport your Guests to your Wedding…


Better still, choose a Venue where you can have everything in one place.


2.Have you chosen a Venue that is Eco Friendly?

What is their Eco-Friendly policy, do they follow procedures that are important to you?  Ask the question before you book.


3.Your Invitations – Save paper and postage

Send your invitations (and Save the Date if you’re having them) by email.  Reduce paper costs and fuel costs for the Postman.

Think about setting up a Wedding Website and put all of your information on there for your Guests to view.

If you do have to send out paper invitations, particularly if you have older Guests who aren’t very tech savvy, make sure it’s on recycled paper.

4.Dressing your Venue

Balloons can be harmful to the Environment and also Animals, so avoid using these.

Why not consider hiring props or buying them from Charity Shops or other Online Sites.

You could always sell them on after your Wedding so that they’d get used again.

Your Venue may even have such a style about it that would only require minimal or no Venue dressing at all.

Eco Friendly Wedding


Speak to your Florist for guidance, ask them these questions:

Do they have a sustainable policy?

Can they use and alternative to foam oasis?

What flowers can they recommend that are in season when you get married? –  And can they be sourced locally?

Instead of using floral wire, can the recommend an alternative that can be composted?


6.Food and Drink

Consider sourcing a Vegan or Vegetarian Caterer.  If you don’t want to go for a meat free option, look at opting for sustainable food choices.

Make sure that the food used for your Wedding are sourced locally and organic where possible.

Speak to your Bar and ask them if they can source drinks from local Vineyards, Breweries and Distilleries.  Take a look at Tipples on Tap who can supply Vegan wines.


7.Whilst talking about food and drink – don’t forget to minimise food waste

Speak to your Caterer to see if they would consider donating any surplus food to local Food Banks or Hostels.


8.Don’t forget to be eco-friendly with your Beauty too

Check with your Make Up Artist and Hairdresser about their products – are they animal friendly, or Vegan Friendly?  Do they use natural products?

Are the hair products free from chemicals?


9.Something Old, something new, Something Borrowed?

Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a dress or outfit that you will only wear one day, why not think about visiting a second-hand bridal boutique to purchase your dream dress.  There are even charity bridal shops for think about.


10.After your Wedding, continue with the Eco Friendly with your Honeymoon

Go to a sustainable Honeymoon Destination, or even better, reduce travel footprint and have a staycation in your Home Country.


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