Planning your wedding day? Don’t regret anything about your Wedding Day, especially something you wished you’d done and hadn’t.

You’re in the process of planning the wedding day of your dreams, right?  As much as you have probably covered everything, you don’t want to be thinking afterwards “I’d wished I’d done that…!

Here are some common regrets that a lot of brides which they’d done on their Wedding Day. Hopefully, you will have done everything possible to make your dream day.

Don't regret anything about your Wedding Day

If you’re doing it yourself – give yourself enough time

If you’re going to be creative and crafty, but not an expert, give yourself enough time. Doing things that you’re not used to doing always take longer than you had anticipated. Having enough time will save you a lot of stress in the long run.  The other thing that you need to do when planning your wedding is delegate if you’ve got friends and family that are crafty and creative, get them to put together your invitations or flowers.

Make your Wedding Day an excuse for some Professional Pampering

Don’t look back on your wedding photographs worrying about the state of your hair or that you wished you’d chosen a better colour lipstick.  Leave it to the professionals to get your look perfect for your big day. It also gives you a chance to have a bit of relaxing time on the morning of your wedding.

Don't regret anything about your Wedding Day

Practice your Ceremony

Whether you’re getting married in a church or having a civil ceremony, it’s always a good idea to have a rehearsal beforehand so that on the day you know exactly what happens when and who stands where

Don’t go for the first Photographer you find

Your photographs are your memories of your special day. Things that you’ll want to treasure and look back in years to come.  You will want to share them with your children and grandchildren – get photographs taken with the people that you love the most. As upsetting as it is, reality is that your family members won’t be around forever, so make sure you get photographs with grandparents and aunties, etc. You may not have another opportunity to gather memories of these special people. Make sure you get some “Together” shots, not only will you get some great images of the two of you together, it will also give you a chance to spend some time together away from your guests so that you can reflect on the day together.

Get the speeches out of the way first

Consider when you’re going to have your speeches. Even the most confident person gets nervous about making a wedding day speech. Get them out of the way at the start of the wedding breakfast so everybody can enjoy the rest of the day – and also enjoy eating the food!  There is nothing more unappetising than a plate of yummy food in front of you when you know that you have to perform in front of people an hour later.

Your wedding – Your way

If you don’t want to include something that is traditional in your day – then don’t.  If you want to wear a short wedding tea dress style, because it’s more you, then don’t feel that you have to wear a long flowing gown because your Mom and Gran think you should. Obviously, you don’t want to upset any family members, so it might be worth sitting down and explaining this to them!

Don't regret anything about your Wedding Day

Finally, enjoy your day for what it is

If your bouquet has wilted or the flowers are falling out, will it really matter?  It is your special day, you’ve spent months planning your wedding day, it is the start of a new chapter in your life with your loved one, cherish every moment because it will soon be over.

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