Coronavirus and your wedding

If you’re getting married this year, I’m sure the outbreak of the Coronavirus is a concern for you.

This post is not meant to be a scaremongering blog. However there are some things that you need to be aware of and what you can do.


If you’ve already got a policy in place, well done you, however, check that it covers against anything as a result of the Coronavirus.

The Government has defined the Coronavirus as a notifiable disease.

There are some existing policies that don’t cover this, so check your small print.

If you haven’t got any Insurance in place, I would love to be able to tell you to get it sorted as soon as possible. However, I have checked with 8 Wedding Insurer’s* and none of them are currently accepting new policies. Some have a delay on for 150 days, some don’t commit to a time.

If you would like information on the Insurance Companies, please get in touch.


Most things, in particular wedding dresses, come from China or other overseas Countries. The Virus has had a huge impact on production and transportation.

If your wedding dress is on order, have regular contact with your Bridal Shop to get updates on the status of your dress.

Have a contingency plan in place in case you need to find an off the rack replacement.

Avoid buying items for your Wedding from overseas online traders – Always check the original source before purchasing.


Be in constant contact with your Wedding Suppliers and ask them if they have any procedures in place against the Coronavirus that you may need to be aware of that could affect your Wedding Day.


Make sure that you have plenty of hand sanitiser in place on all tables, bar area, outside poseur tables at your Wedding. Encourage your Guests to wash their hands at every possible opportunity.


If you’ve got elderly, or vulnerable Guests due to attend your Wedding, it would be advisable for them to give it a miss. Lots of people all in one place, no matter how healthy they are, there could be one carrier who can have a severe impact on vulnerable Guests.

Likewise, if you have Guests coming from overseas, apart from the possible travel ban issue for them, they may also pose a threat to vulnerable Guests

It doesn’t mean that absent Guests have to miss out on your Special day……

Consider live streaming your Wedding to them. Hire a specialist audio visual company to capture every moment of your Wedding Day and let your absent Guests experience your Day as if they were right there with you.


Make sure you have a contingency plan in place just in case. Think about every aspect of your Wedding and come up with an alternative.

Fingers crossed, that none of this will have to be put in place. The peak wedding season takes place from May to September, so hopefully your wedding day falls into this time. Once the warm weather starts to join us, it is expected that the Coronavirus will slowly begin to disappear, but until that time, it is essential that you start to make alternative arrangements for your Wedding.

If you need any help or advice on how to protect yourself for the Coronavirus and your Wedding and come up with a contingency plan, get in touch with me by calling 07980 679575 or drop me an email


*Information gathered on Insurance Companies including the following:

Emerald Life


Money Supermarket

Dream Saver

Cover My Wedding

Wedding Plan

John Lewis