Choose your wedding date wisely


It’s always a good idea to choose your wedding date wisely. You may have your Wedding date already in mind. Perhaps for sentimental reasons. Maybe you’ve got to get married in August because you’re a teacher and need to get married in the Summer Holidays. 



Here are some reasons why…

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday.

I’ve already mentioned that you may need to get married in the Summer Holidays for work reasons, but don’t forget some of your Guests may be on holiday in August, particularly if they have children.

(Also, don’t forget that August is peak time for holidays, so you may pay a premium price for your Honeymoon.)


Send out your Save the Dates or invitations as soon as possible, hopefully, before your Guests book their holidays!


Choose your wedding date wisely

Everybody’s Football Crazy

(or rugby, Olympics, tennis, or whatever big sporting event is due to take place)

Think about your Guests. Will they have their full attention on your Wedding Day or be constantly on their phones checking for the latest score?


Sorry, but like it or not, the best thing to do is to embrace the World Cup (for example). Make it part of your Wedding Day. Hire a big screen so your guests can keep an eye on the match. (Hint: Arrange your speeches between halftime or after the game)

Winter Weddings

If you’re planning on getting married between October and March, don’t forget that the days get darker earlier. If you’re having a late wedding, this could impact your photographs if you have them outside.


Think about choosing a Venue that has photo opportunities indoors. Also, speak to your Photographer. They’re the experts, after all.

Married at Christmas

While a festive-themed wedding sounds romantic, just like a summer wedding, think about your Guests’ availability.

With the chaos of Christmas shopping, works Christmas parties, and the myriad of school plays, pantomimes, and everything else that goes on at Christmas, your Guests’ diaries will be pretty busy in December.


Again, send out Save the dates or invitations as soon as possible.

Choose your wedding date wiselyDestination Wedding? – Choose your Wedding Date Wisely

Are you thinking of having an exotic beach wedding on white sands, somewhere far away?

Remember, a lot of places such as the Caribbean have monsoon seasons. Not the thing you want to be worrying about for your destination wedding.


Check the location of your Wedding for when monsoon season is likely to hit. For example, avoid the Caribbean between May and October. Although higher temperatures, there’s also a higher chance of a lot of rain.


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