can you afford your weddingGetting married is a costly experience. The average wedding for 2019 cost an estimated £31,974 (Source Ok, admittedly this included London weddings which carry a higher cost than those, for example, in the Midlands.

But it does ask the question, can you afford your wedding?



Here are some things that you may want to think about before even starting to plan your dream day…

It’s down to you to foot the bill…

Traditionally, it was always the Brides parents that paid for the bulk of the Wedding. Nowadays, in a world of independence, this tradition is one that is fast disappearing. A lot of the time now, it is down to the Couple to pay for most of the wedding.

Think about your budget first

When you start planning your Wedding, the first thing that you MUST do is work out your budget. There’s no point contacting Venues and Suppliers if your budget won’t allow you to be able to afford your Wedding. You’re only setting yourself for disappointment.

(Remember, when setting your budget to include and extra 10% (minimum) contingency fund for any unexpected extra’s that may happen.can you afford your wedding

Family Contributions

Whilst it is now down to most Couples to pay for their own wedding, in reality, most parents, grandparents etc. will still contribute smaller parts towards your Wedding. Your mother may buy your dress, the Groom’s parents may pay for the drink’s reception etc. Once you have sorted your budget, it’s always worth having a subtle chat with your families. Any contributions from your Families will be an added bonus to your Wedding budget.

can you afford your weddingDon’t start married life off in debt

While it might be tempting to have your dream wedding by taking out a loan or paying for everything on your Credit Card, I really don’t recommend doing this at all. Planning a Wedding is stressful enough without the added pressure of thinking if you’re ever going to pay it off. It could lead to disaster for both of you.

If, after you’ve worked out your budget, the numbers really don’t add up to allow you to afford your Wedding, look at scaling down and think about delaying for a couple of years to give you time to have a wedding savings fund.

For anymore help, get in touch with me and I can help you to get your dream wedding day with some excellent budget management tips. 

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