Planning your Wedding, you can do it all yourself. But, consider are wedding planners worth it?

Today, I’m going to give you five reasons why they are;

They can save you time.

Quick question for you: How many weddings have you planned? 

Wedding planners do it all the time. They know precisely what you need and where to get it, saving you time thinking about whether you’ve forgotten anything.

Find reputable and reliable Suppliers.

This also links to saving you time. Wedding Planners work with other wedding professionals all of the time. They can recommend the ideal Supplier for your day. That is much better than you doing a google search and not knowing who you might be getting to work on your Wedding.

Save you money

Because they work with many of the same Suppliers, they have built relationships with those businesses and can negotiate with them on your behalf. Also, they can help prevent you from buying things you might not need!

Expertise and Knowledge

They can give you advice and guidance about your Wedding day and inform you of things you might not even have thought about. Quick tip here from an expert: Cut your wedding cake just before your first dance – Contact me to find out why!

The voice of reason

When you are at the stage in your wedding planning journey where you are feeling stressed, and everything is getting on top of you, a wedding planner can be your shoulder to cry on and get you back on track.

Are Wedding planners worth it

So…..Are wedding planners worth it?

Most definitely, and the best thing is, they cost less than you think and are certainly a worthwhile investment.

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