A day in the life of a wedding floristToday, we hear from Lesley Clarke of Hello Petal Floral Designer who has kindly written about a day in the life of a Wedding Florist during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here you go guys a florist guest blog whilst in a global pandemic! ?

As a bespoke florist specialising mainly in weddings, events and funerals you can imagine most of my main wedding work has sadly gone for the time being. Heyho such is life, as long as we are all safe and well that is the main priority.

So, What have I been doing with myself?A day in the life of a wedding florist

Most of my time at the moment is spent working through my admin.  Rescheduling my lovely wedding couples’ dates, some are sadly on their third date change.

This has been such an amazingly difficult and stressful time for them and us suppliers, with most couples rescheduling to next year or later this year. Beautiful floral designs that we had discussed at length which I had planned and researched are now sadly on hold. Some designs will have to change due to wedding dates totally changing for example from Spring to Autumn. But, I’m sure all their wedding day celebrations will be all the more sweeter when they actually take place in the future due to the ordeal we have all been through. Plus, a massive party for them and their loved ones to celebrate the happy things in life that we all strive for!??

Looking forward to the future….

I was particularly looking forward to creating my first ‘Steampunk themed Wedding’, with oodles of creative, whacky and very funky ideas going on for such a fabulously interesting couple. My Designer brain was going into overdrive! Many elements were going to be wired into my Brides Bouquet including watch parts and keys! Can’t let on too much more at this moment because obviously it hasn’t taken place yet.

A day in the life of a wedding floristWhat are the current trends when it comes to Wedding Flowers?

This year has seen a boom in the return of artificial flowers for many wedding couples. I work with either high quality fresh flowers direct from my suppliers in Holland, or top-quality silk flowers that look as close to the real thing as possible. I love working with either and find it hard to choose which I prefer! You can’t beat the smell of fresh flowers, but high-quality silk flowers do certainly have their advantages. They can be ready months before your wedding so a huge tick off your list, you can have almost anything as seasons don’t matter, can be transported abroad for that beach wedding and you get them to keep forever! Maybe that’s why they have had such a resurgence this year?

What would be your choice I wonder?


When choosing your florist initial reactions will tell you if they are the ones for you, do you instantly hit it off or not? My service offers a unique bespoke experience, I work with you every step of the way finding out your likes and dislikes and come up with a plan for your perfect wedding day. Nothing is rushed or left to chance and I design the whole or your floral decor creating a scheme as I go along.

Whether you like a more traditional design to your wedding Flowers, have no idea at all what you want, or have a crazy idea. Every couple is different with their own ideas and each wedding is designed specifically for them. Your scheme can also incorporate a lot of additional decor for your day from my vintage prop collection including Tableplans, Post-box, Milk churns, vintage Crates and special gifts for your wedding party.

Make your Flowers suit you and your StyleA day in the life of a wedding florist

Flowers are a very personal thing and play a massive part in creating the mood, feel and ambience on your wedding day. I wonder what would be your idea of your favourite wedding flowers?  Classically elegant and romantic roses maybe? or jolly, bright and happy sunflowers?

I would love to hear from you and be only too happy to help you on your wedding journey. Drop me a line to further your enquiry on my website, email or pm, and we can talk all things flowery in my fabulous ‘Girl Shed’. (socially distanced of course!)


Keep Safe everyone and see you on the other side ? xx


Best Wishes

Lesley Clarke 

Hello Petal! Floral DesignerA day in the life of a wedding florist


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