As more people are becoming more conscious of reducing the impact on the environment, so is the increase of Couples creating a sustainable, eco-friendly wedding.

Today, I am bringing to you 5 ways to create a sustainable wedding:

  1. The Venue5 ways to create a sustainable wedding

Use an all-inclusive Venue to reduce Guests having to travel.  If you are choosing a separate Ceremony Venue to your reception, try and have your reception Venue in walking distance to the Ceremony.  Perhaps you are getting married in your local church and having a marquee in your family garden.

Alternatively, think about hiring a coach to transport your Guests from the Ceremony to the Reception. Another quirky option, depending on where you are getting married is transporting your Guests in a trailer towed by a tractor (Cleaned up of course!)

  1. 5 ways to have a sustainable weddingFood and Drink

Choose local Caterer’s who have ethical working standards, e.g. locally sourced ingredients.  If you are considering having vegetarian or vegan food choices, there are some amazing caterer’s out there. If you are having a more informal dining experience, consider bamboo cutlery and plate ware.

Put water in jugs on tables instead of plastic bottles.


  1. Stationery

Use recycled materials, or where possible, email invitations to your Guests, have the order of service and menu’s sent via a What’s App group or Social Media messenger to reduce printed materials, and your Guests will have access to the information on their phones during the day. If you are doing invites, ask your Guests to reply via your wedding website.

  1. Flowers

Choose British or homegrown flowers for your floral arrangements.  Think about donating the flowers to a local nursing home after the day so that they are not wasted.

If you don’t want to go down the fresh flower route, think about having foam free flowers.

  1. Styling and Décor

Swap confetti for leaves or dried rose petals (Locally sourced of course)

The minimalist look is perfect for a sustainable wedding an also DIY décor, a great way to recycle and upcycle items that you may already have around your house, or know  people that have things that they will let you have to decorate your wedding venue.

The three main things to consider when having a sustainable wedding is:

  • Reduced waste – Recycle what you can, where you can
  • Zero plastic – Glasses, plates, cutlery, flowers, décor
  • Reduced carbon emissions – Local suppliers = less distance travelled

If you need any further help on how to choose a sustainable wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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(Image credits: Love my dress & Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)