Just like it can be a challenge to find a great wedding photographer, it can also be challenging to create a unique wedding. Thanks to social media, you’re likely hit with so many options for your wedding, and you may not even know what’s best. In fact, what would even be considered unique? Well, here are some easy tips for creating that beloved unique wedding!

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Personalized vows

Whether preparing for your wedding or planning for someone else’s, writing wedding vows is a great way to celebrate your love. When it comes to personalized vows, don’t think of the standard; think about what comes to your heart.

Add a carnival twist

Choosing modern carnival sweets for your wedding can be a great way to bring fun and whimsy into your big day. There are plenty of tasty treats, from the handcrafted pinwheel to the outrageous candy bar. Carnivals are fun for everyone, so it’s no wonder that weddings have taken their cues from them. Adding a carnival-themed touch can be as simple as throwing colorful tents outside or dressing up some cocktail waitresses in a carnival outfit.

Plus, adding games like a ring toss and a ball toss can make your wedding day a blast. There are plenty of other ways to bring the carnival to your wedding, such as incorporating games into the festivities. In addition to games, you can offer a variety of carnival-themed foods, such as cotton candy, donuts, and candy apples.

Mood board

Creating a mood board for your wedding is an excellent way to visualize your wedding day and make it unique. You can use pictures of weddings, fashion shoots, and even your favorite candle, perfume, or dress to inspire your wedding style. Mood boards are not meant to represent every detail, but they can provide an overall feel and guide you in creating your own unique wedding. Consider this a part of the planning stage when creating a unique wedding, and websites like Canva can help make this a success too.

Consider a photo booth area

Having a photo booth area for your wedding guests is a great way to have fun and take photos of your special day. You can create your photo booth or hire a professional photographer. But no matter what you do, you should decorate the photo booth area for your unique wedding. Guests will flock to the photo booth area, especially if it’s a trendy or urban-style wedding.

You can set up a simple frame or a statement wall or incorporate the wedding theme into your decor. If you plan to rent a photo booth, you’ll want to ensure that the area is well-lit. Light is essential for a photo booth, as the lighting can add to the mood.

Incorporate a unity ceremony

Including a unity ceremony in your wedding can be a great way to celebrate the love between you and your soul mate. It’s also a great way to personalize your wedding experience. You can incorporate it into the end of the ceremony, as a part of your reception, or both.

A unity candle ceremony is a popular option. You can light a large candle and add two smaller candles to the mixture. This is a non-religious option, but it does symbolize two faiths coming together. A floating lantern is another excellent idea for a unity ceremony. It represents the couple’s hopes and dreams for the future. It is also a great way to include family and friends. You can also write a wish on the lantern before releasing it. The lantern ceremony is mostly allowed in Asian wedding venues especially. 

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