Hands up if you’re getting married next year (Or if you’re reading this after New Year’s Day – Who’s getting married this year!!)

2023 Weddings - Getting married

Today I’m looking at 2023 Weddings and the predicted trends.  

The main focus for 2023 Weddings are;

  • Sustainability
  • Guest experience
  • Wedding outfit styles

This isn’t much different from a couple of years, although, to be fair, 2020 and 2021 could almost be written off when it comes to wedding trends due to the restrictions in place!

Let’s start at the beginning – Wedding Planning.

The first steps:

Reduced Guest numbers

I have seen this happen already in 2022. Weddings are getting smaller. I think this is because, during the lockdown, many people realised who their “real friends” are – those they socialised with via Zoom and Facetime. Those people you had a weekly quiz with online and kept in touch with. If you didn’t hear from them during 2020, why invite them to your Wedding?

2023 Weddings - Reduced Guest numbers

The average wedding size now is 72*.

However, while weddings may be getting smaller, the spending is staying the same or getting bigger. Couples are investing more into creating an experience for their Guests, with the most significant focus being on the food and drink and the Venue location.

Style and Decor

The Pantone colour for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a bright vibrant colour from the red family. This will certainly be a change from the sage green and dusky pinks seen a lot in 2022.

(For those unaware about Pantone, it is a standardised colour matching system used Internationally and releases a new “colour” each year, which influences trends within Industries such as fashion and interior design.)

Other influences predicted for 2023 weddings are the Bridgeton theme and the Regency period. 

When it comes to flowers, Flower arch installations are said the be big and floral structures that are perfect for photo opportunities.

Regarding tablescapes, the saying less is more will be shown on table decor.


I’ve already mentioned the Guest experience, and couples are looking for that something different when it comes to entertaining their Guests.

Outdoor wedding games continue to be popular, particularly during the drinks reception, but Couples are looking for something more unusual that hasn’t been done before. Think about creating a Sports day for your Guests or a limbo competition.

Food and Drink

Focussing on sustainability, Couples are looking for their wedding food to be fresh and local.

Again, creating an experience for their Guests when it comes to their food, they are looking for food being cooked on show in front of everyone, whether that be a street food Chef or something a bit different.

Cocktail Hour

Couples want to create an experience personal to them. They are coming up with signature cocktails.

A cocktail hour is excellent for getting your Guests in the mood to party the night away.


The wedding cake is still a popular wedding tradition still being upheld. The popular flavours for 2023 are raspberry and white chocolate or lemon and elderflower.

What to wear

Love it or hate it, the ’80s are predicted to be making a comeback!

Think Princess Di’s wedding dress with oversized puffy sleeves – although a detachable option is also available! As well as big bows, you might think about having a veil with a bow on top.

Bridal Suits

If you don’t like wearing a wedding dress, a bridal suit would be perfect for you.

All in it together…

The Sten Do

If both you and your partner have the same circle of friends, then instead of having a separate stag and hen party, why not combine the party and have a sten do with all of you and your friends?

2023 Weddings - The Sten Night

Bridal Party out, Wedding Party In

Mates of honour and Groomsmaids will be seeing many appearances in 2023 weddings. These new terms are more gender equal and more appropriate for many Couples.

The Wedding Day

Outdoor Weddings

After the Pandemic, these became popular due to the safety aspect. However, these have continued to be a wedding trend and will continue into 2023.

Humanist Ceremonies

I’ve always said that your Wedding day should be about you both as a Couple. Humanist ceremonies are a perfect way to put a personal spin on your Day.

Wedding Weekends

I saw a few of these in 2022, and they’re also predicted to be more prominent in 2023.

Couples want to entertain their Guests for longer, both before and after their Day. Starting with a pre-wedding dinner the Day before and finishing with a post-wedding brunch the Day after. (Quick note, if you decide to have brunch the Day after, don’t organise it for too early in the morning!)

Twilight Weddings

A later wedding is ideal for Autumn and Winter Weddings with shorter days. They can make perfect romantic photo opportunities. Also, from a cost point of view, it can also be budget-friendly as you only have to feed your guests once!


Creating an eco-friendly wedding day continues to be essential for Couples getting married in 2023. Watch out for my blog in a couple of weeks, all about ethical weddings, for some ideas.

New traditions

I’m all for doing away with certain traditions and being comfortable with your Wedding day without feeling forced to do something because it is traditional.

The first look…

This is a trend coming over to the UK from America. It is a pre-planned moment where you see your other half before the Ceremony. It is a perfect chance for the photographer to capture that “first look” expression from each of you.

Alternatives to the first dance

If the idea of you and your other half acting like you’re on an episode of Strictly in front of your Guests fills you with dread, don’t have the first dance.

Why not have a Group first dance? I coordinated a Wedding this year where all of the Guests were encouraged to get in a big circle – the DJ played the Hokey Cokey!

If you both fancy yourselves as dancers, why not hire a retro dance mat and have a bit of a dance-off for your first dance?

So have any of these predicted trends for 2023 weddings given you any ideas? I’d love to hear which trends you’re considering putting into your Wedding Day.

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*Information Source: Hitched Wedding Trend Report

Photo Credits:

Wedding Couple Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash

Wedding Guests Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Colours of 2023 Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

Sten Night Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash

First dance Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash