10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to avoid


Planning your wedding is one of the most stressful times of your life.

Here are 10 wedding planning mistakes to avoid:



1. First, the big mistake is not planning your wedding!

When you get engaged, the first thing you need to do is plan the sort of wedding you want. Set yourself weekly tasks as well to make sure things don’t get forgotten.

2. Next, prepare a budget.

Before you start the wedding planning journey, make sure you set a budget and think about what will be important to you on your Wedding Day. Remember to include a contingency plan for items such as dress alterations, catering for extra guests you may have forgotten about.

10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to avoid

3. Sort out your Guest List

Have an idea of the number of guests you want to invite and stick to it. Don’t get carried away with inviting all your friends on Facebook, some of which you may not have seen in years. Keep work colleagues to a minimum – only ask the ones that you actually get along with.

4. Be flexible

With the help of Pinterest and Instagram, there are so many options available to you when wedding planning.
Despite what your hopes and dreams are, they are not always practical. For example, you may want to arrive at your wedding by horse and carriage – but your wedding venue is 20 miles along the motorway from your home. You can still achieve your dream day, but sometimes you may need to be a bit flexible.

5. Never shop alone

Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the wedding planning milestones – make it an enjoyable experience with friends. Remember, though, make friends who are honest and who you value the opinions of.

6. Don’t leave your beauty treatments to the last minute.

Have trial runs for your hair and make-up. Don’t have any last-minute relaxing facials or an eyebrow tidy, particularly if you have not had them before. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a red blotchy face from an allergic reaction. Make sure you have any beauty treatments 1-2 weeks before your wedding day.

7. Keep your Bridesmaids happy.

Make sure you consider what your bridesmaids want for your wedding day too. Ask them about the style of dress they would like to wear. If they are not confident in wearing short dresses – don’t make them wear one for your wedding. If they are uncomfortable about what they are wearing, it will only show up on the wedding photographs.

8. Last-minute panics

It is perfectly normal to have a panic at the last minute. Still, plan everything with plenty of time. This will enable you to enjoy the final few moments before you become “Mrs” and also allow you to enjoy your precious day with your new husband.

9. Remember what’s important.10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to avoid

Planning your wedding can be stressful enough, but if you find that all your life seems to revolve around is your wedding, take a step back from it all. Think about the reason you are getting married and what it means to you. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life – not a time to show off and be someone you are not.

10. Finally, don’t forget your Partner!

Remember, the day is for both of you – not just you. Include your Partner in all the decisions. Make sure they have an input into what they want for their wedding day also.

10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to avoid

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