10 things to think about when planning your wedding day

Your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life, so you want it to be perfect.




Here are 10 things to think about when planning your Wedding Day to make the preparations easier:

1. Make Lists!

I am a great believer in lists, I make lists about lists!  Seriously, having an order of what needs to be done makes for a lot less sleepless nights.  Have a note pad by your bedside too, so that when something pops into your head in the middle of the night, right it down.  That way you won’t spend the rest of the night awake worrying that you will forget about that thought by the morning. This is probably one of the most important things to think about when planning your Wedding Day.


2. Don’t look at Pinterest and Instagram too much.

Yes, they are brilliant sources of inspiration, but you need to make sure that your Wedding Day is going to be achievable.  Some concepts on these sites are fantastic, but they maybe beyond your budget, or not available.

Your own creations will make your day amazing.


3. Make sure you have some reflection time on your Wedding Day

Speak to your Wedding Coordinator or even Photographer to make sure you allocate some time on your Day to spend some time together to reflect on the day.

10 things to think about when planning your wedding day

4. Speeches aren’t just for the Groom…

As a Bride, why not think about making a speech as well.


5. Spend time finding a Photographer who you like

Your photographs one of the most important parts of you day – they are your memories, so you need to make sure the person taking them is just right.  You need to be able to like them and their work.

When you find the perfect Photographer, book them straight away.

6. Hire a Videographer

If you read my blogs regularly, you will know that whenever I talk about whether to have a Wedding video or not, I can’t push it enough.

A Video is a definite must – to me it is as important as the photographs.  They can pick up things that photos can’t.  People’s voices and personalities, emotion and other memorable sounds.

10 things to think about when planning your wedding day

7. Don’t skimp on food

Make sure you have enough to feed all your Guests (Also remember to feed your Suppliers who are going to be at your Wedding all day too)

8. Taste your Food before your Wedding

Before you book a Caterer, find out if they do tasting sessions first.  Even if the tasting session isn’t exactly what you’re having on your Wedding Day, you can get an idea of their flavours and presentation skills.

9. Have a Wedding Website for your Guests

If you have all essential information on a website that your Guests can access, it will save a lot of phone calls, texts and emails probably asking the same questions.  When you send out your invitations tell your Guests about your Website and encourage them to look at it regularly to updates and information about your Wedding Day.


10. Finally, yes you guessed it, seriously consider hire a Wedding Coordinator.  10 things to think about when planning your wedding day

They can help with all the aspects of your Wedding Day, such as timings and making sure that nothing gets forgotten. Don’t forget a professional Wedding Coordinator has worked on many Weddings, and they have seen everything they know what to look our for and can advise you on things that you may not have event thought about.  For more information on what I do as a Wedding Coordinator, look at my Services Page or drop me an email.

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Photo images : Pixabay and Unsplash