10 Important tips when planning your wedding - stress freeLet’s face it, your Wedding Day is probably going to be the biggest day of your life so far, and you want it to be just perfect. It is inevitable when planning your wedding, your stress levels will run high, it takes a lot of time to plan your perfect day and you also have to work around your normal everyday life, such as work and social life.

Today, I’m giving you 10 important tips when planning your wedding to make it as stress free as possible. I hope that my tips help you to bring some calm into your life x

  1. Select a Style

Whether it is a simple as just choosing a colour scheme or a full-blown wedding theme, make sure you do this early on. It will save a lot of stress when trying to decide whether you need something for your wedding or not. It will also save you money when you see something out shopping and end up not using it because it doesn’t suit your end design.

2. Choose your Bridal Party and Groomsmen

This is another task that should ideally be done in the early days of planning your wedding. It saves those hints and pressure from Friends who really can’t wait to be asked to accept the task of being part of your wedding party. Plus, the earlier you ask, the sooner you can get some help with planning your wedding!10 Important tips when planning your wedding - stress free

3.Create your Guest list – with your Partner AND your Families

Ultimately it should be you and your Partner’s day and you should invite who you want, and not your Parents, but it is always worthwhile just getting a little bit of help from both of your Families, in case there is anyone that you have forgotten to invite!

4.Make your Wedding Website Guest Friendly

If you are having a website for your Wedding (And I strongly advise that you do), make sure that it is simple to understand, particularly for your older Guests that may not be that tech-savvy.

Put as much information about your Wedding on there as possible, perhaps a FAQ section. That way you are less likely to be bothered by your Guests about the simplest thing. And if you are, just direct them to your Website, it will save you a lot of time.

5.Talk to other married Couples

I’m sure you’re not the first in your circle of friends to get married. Ask those that have already been there for any tips and advice. I’m not saying to copy their wedding style, as you need to choose your own day, but it is always good to hear some helpful words through all that stress!

6. Get a second opinion

If you’re not sure about something when it comes to planning your wedding, ask your partner, family, bridal party – anyone for their opinion!

7. Use Suppliers that you’re comfortable

With most people, I don’t know about you, but I like to think that I’m a pretty good judge of character. This is important when you are choosing your wedding suppliers. If you simply don’t gel with them – Choose someone else!

8.Read every Contract

I can’t stress how important this is – you really don’t want any hidden surprised leading up to and on your Wedding Day.

9. Take time between your Wedding and Honeymoon

Gone are the days when you leave your Wedding Reception halfway through to go on your Honeymoon. Go away a couple of days after your Wedding Day so that you can savour the moment of your wedding before the next adventure together – plus it gives you a chance to open your gifts and cards etc.

10. Sav10 Important tips when planning your wedding - stress freee stress altogether, and hire someone else to handle all the stress for you…

Hire a wedding planner, such as me! Here at LMS Weddings, I can take on as much or as little as you would like me to. Whether it is helping you to find your ideal Suppliers, helping manage your budget, or just simply being there the last week or on the day of your Wedding to make sure it all runs smoothly.


For more information on how I can help you, look at my Services page on the website or get in touch.