Do you need a wedding coordinator?

Do you need a wedding coordinator? This is a question that I ask a lot of couples getting married. So today we will find out if you this is you.

do you need a wedding coordinatorSo, do you need a wedding coordinator? Answer these questions

  •   Are you having a wedding in a DIY Venue, rather than a Hotel which has its own Coordinator in-house?
  •  Do you have someone who will keep track of the day and ensure that it goes as you have planned it to? This is NOT your mother, bridesmaids, or Best Man. They are there to enjoy your day as much as you.
  • Have you thought about who will talk to the Caterer’s to let them know if you want to delay the food being served?
  •  Who will gather all your Guests together and get them to be seated ready for your wedding meal? Your Ushers can do this, but they are likely to lose track of the day as much as you.
  • Imagine, that it is 10 o clock at night, and you are so busy enjoying yourself that you don’t realise that the DJ hasn’t turned up
  • Who is going to pay any bills to your entertainment, photographer etc. on your wedding day? Let’s face it, you are not going to be carrying your purse or wallet around on your wedding day.

So, ask yourself the question again: Do you need a wedding coordinator? If asking yourselves these questions has sent you into a moment of panic, then the answer is you probably do need a wedding coordinator.

do you need a wedding coordinatorHere at LMS Weddings, we can help you with all those questions.  Following an in-depth conversation, we get an idea of your perfect wedding day.  Don’t worry, we are not here to tell you what to do for your wedding day, we are simply here to guide you.  Also, we will work with you to organise and schedule your wedding day perfectly for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We will work with all your Suppliers to ensure that they turn up on time and set up correctly. We can take the stress out of your wedding day for you need a wedding coordinator

Still thinking do you need a wedding coordinator? Check out our services page for full information on how we can help you.

Photography and Entertainment for 2019 weddings

Photography and Entertainment for 2019 weddings, like everything else following the 2019 trend report is all about creating a memorable experience.

photography and entertainment for 2019 weddingsPhotography

Gone are the days of the formal family portraits.  Couples want fun with their Guests, and they want this to be captured on camera more.

Pets are increasing in making an appearance at their Owner’s wedding.  Wedding photographs are also an essential part of including your pampered pooch or feline friend as well. (For more information on pets at your wedding, take a look at a previous blog post…  )

Black and white photographs are also set to make a comeback, which I love.  For me, black and white wedding photographs just say classic and romantic!

The first look picture – Picking up that look of emotion and happiness as the Groom first spots his Bride is going to be an amazing image that will stay with the couple forever and never be forgotten.


As well as photography, videos are still going to be popular for 2019 weddings.  Couples want to feel the romance of their day, so capturing it all in slow motion is going to be one effect that we will see a lot of this and entertainment for 2019 weddings

Drones, to capture the day overhead are already making an appearance at a lot of weddings, and in 2019, it is going to get bigger.

Another introduction into capturing the day this year, is going to be the Go-pro.  Having one set up in the Bride’s bouquet will capture literally everything that goes on wherever she is.



Fophotography and entertainment for 2019 weddingsllowing last year’s Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we will see an increase in cellists, harpists and string quartets performing during reception drinks and canapes.

I think there is something quintessential English about sipping Pimm’s and nibbling on canapes on a lawn at a wedding whilst a string quartet plays in the background.


Think about singers disguised as waiters or live performers and dancers dressed to match the theme of your wedding.  This will be a big hit during cocktail hour.

photography and entertainment for 2019 weddings


Live sax players in addition to a DJ makes for a great atmosphere, especially for fans of the sounds of Ibiza.

Mumford and Sons style bands are still going to be big and popular for 2019 weddings.

Finally, when it comes to photography and entertainment for 2019 weddings, we can’t forget the photobooth.  Is it here to stay? Well yes, it is, but with a difference.  Classic photobooths are said to be disappearing, but photobooths with a difference will be making an appearance, think different backgrounds, video mapping and magic mirrors.

So, what are you having when it comes to photography and entertainment for 2019 weddings? Share your ideas on my Facebook page


(Photography courtesy of Stock Adobe & Kay Photography)

Food and Drinks for 2019 weddings

Food and drinks for 2019 weddings still very much focuses on involving wedding Guests.  Couples also want to use personal inspiration when it comes to choosing their food and drinks options.

Couples want to create a sophisticated, yet convenient experience when it comes to their food and drinks for 2019 weddings.  Involving unique and exciting elements to create a WOW factor.  As with everything else when it comes to weddings this year, the food and drink also needs to be instagrammable.

So, what’s in trend when it comes to food and drinks for 2019 weddings?

food and drinks for 2019 weddingsDIY Food Stations & Interactive Food Stations

Gone are the days when Guests are treated to a formal three course sit down meal.  Weddings are all about informality. Guests can help themselves to the food choice, eating as much or as little as they like.

We will also start to see the introduction of Interactive food stations. A Chef will cook food to order, however Guests can add their own touch to the meal.  Taco stations or omelette stations are good examples of these. Personally, I would be happy to see this at smaller intimate weddings, however those with larger numbers of Guests could aid quite slow service.

food and drinks for 2019 weddingsSharing Platters

It is important for some couples, although the food style is to be informal, they still want their Guests to have food in front of them.  Sharing platters will continue to be popular for Guests to sit and converse while helping themselves to a selection of dishes that are plated in front of them on the table.  Think comforting bowls of tagines for winter weddings, or light pasta dishes in the summer.

Goodbye formal desserts, hello fun factor

Like with a lot of choices for food and drinks for 2019 weddings, desserts are no different. The style will be informal.  Ice cream and pick n mix carts will continue to appear at a lot of and drinks for 2019 weddings

Dessert Rooms will start to appear in 2019 too.  Weddings this year are a lot about creating an experience for the Guest.  With a dessert room, this is a whole area allocated to a choice of dessert where the smell is given off to enhance the experience – think donuts, candyfloss etc.

Feeding your Guests at the Evening reception

Grazing stations will feature more so than an evening buffet table full of pork pies, vol au vents and cold pizza.  Instead, we can start to see food that is beautifully styled.  Fresh baked breads, a selection of cheeses and charcuterie.

Drink and be merry….Food and drinks for 2019 weddings

Craft beer will continue to be popular. Couples will source drinks from local micro breweries and vineyards.  Pimp your Prosecco, gin bars and even whisky bars will feature at a lot of weddings this year. Tequilla could also be popular at weddings too since it was served at both Royal Weddings last year.

One thing that we will see when it comes to food and drinks for 2019 weddings, is that the choice will tell a story based on the Couple’s life together.  Even the source of the food will tell a story, for example where the Chef when foraging to get the ingredients. Sustainable foods  will be popular.  Also the increase of Vegan choices with lentils, chickpeas and quinoa replacing some meat dishes.

There will certainly be some exciting choices when it come to food and drink this year, and I’m really excited to see what will be served in 2019.

(Photo’s courtesy of Pinterest, individual credits upon request)


Venues and locations for 2019 weddings

Venues and locations for 2019 weddings, still focuses very much on the Couples’ personality. It is all about making their wedding day all about them.

venues and locations for 2019 weddingsRustic Venues and locations for 2019 weddings are still popular. Couples  continue to choose barns, farms and woodlands to hold their celebrations.  An open space that will allow them to create their own personal style and feel.

Depending on where the Couple lives is also influencing their choice of Venues and locations for 2019 weddings.  For example, if the Couple live in the City, then they are likely to opt for a more rural Venue. If on the other hand, they live in the Country, the may look for an Urban industrial Venue.

The Wedding Weekend

This is a term that we are likely to see more of this year.  Couples want to make a longer period for their wedding celebrations.  The event will start off on the day before the main wedding day with a pre-wedding ice breaker meal. A post wedding gathering the day after the wedding, with either a brunch or afternoon tea to reflect on the wedding day itself.  This gives couples the chance to spend longer with their closest friends and relatives.

venues and locations for 2019 weddingsFlexibility is key for Venues and locations for 2019 weddings

Couples are looking at choosing venues where there is leniency. An example of this is the time when the music must end.  They also may want to bring their own alcohol and look for the availability of accommodation on site- whether that be a simple field for Guests to pitch their tents.

Top Venues and locations for 2019 weddings in the UK;

Cornwall, The Home Counties, London and The Lake District appear to be the main locations of choice for weddings in the UK.  Cornwall attracting the Southern couples looking for something a bit more rural, whereas the Lake District is a popular choice for North West and Scotland couples, especially if they are looking for incorporate the previously mentioned wedding weekend. However, Shropshire is the perfect location to get married if you have got friends and family all over the Country as it is centrally located with easy access to motorway links.

The top style of Venues in 2019, will continue to be blank canvas venues, so marquees, tipi’s rural barn weddings.  As with many things to do with 2019 weddings, there will be a lot of emphasis put on eco friendly and sustainable weddings, and the choice of Venue and location will be no different.Venues and locations for 2019 weddings

If the idea of having a blank canvas appeals to you for your wedding venue, why not look at my previous blog post for Shropshire Wedding Venues.

(Photographs courtesy of Stock Adobe)

Style and Decor for 2019 Weddings

Style and Decor for 2019 weddings is the topic for this week following on from the release of the International Trend Report for 2019.

So, what is going to be hot this year, when it comes to style and decor for 2019 weddings?

style and decor for 2019 weddingsBringing the outdoors in…

Spilling over from 2018, we are going to be seeing a lot of trees in the world of décor, as well as lots of greenery and foliage.

Love Linen

Linen is featuring lots in style and décor for 2019 weddings.  Lots of layering will be going on. Clever use of bold colours and a mixture of patterns and textiles is expected to be on the rise.  Add colour to your tables using runners in deep gem tones.

All about the rich colours

Pastel colours are going to be slowly disappearing in the world of style and decor for 2019 weddings.  We are going to be seeing a lot more colours such as dark purple, coral and burgundy.  Warm colours are going to feature too, such as emerald and royal blue.  This is no surprise when you see the Pantone colours for 2019.

Mismatched Metalsstyle and decor for 2019 weddings

Metallics are still going to be big this year, especially on the table. Mismatched tableware, and metal goblets are going to be making an introduction. Charger plates will also start to feature on the table.  Also, a mix and match of colours when it comes to tablespaces.  There’s going to be no limits when it comes to creating a dining experience for your Guests.


Always a big factor when it comes to décor and 2019 weddings are not going to be any different.  We will continue to style and decor for 2019 weddingssee an increase in fairy lights, festoon lighting and custom-made chandeliers for that extra WOW factor!

So, what are you going to be bringing to your big day in the form of style and décor?



(Images courtesy of Stock Adobe and Pinterest)

Theme and Design for 2019 weddings

Theme and Design for 2019 weddings, following the recent release of the International Wedding Trend Report focusses a lot on key elements which are really personal and tell the Couples Story.

Today, I am going to bring you an insight into the predicted trends when it comes to theme and design for 2019 weddings.

Small and Intimate

We are going to be seeing smaller weddings in 2019. Possibly elopements will be popular too.  Couples are wanting to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to their wedding.  The importance will be on good food, an elegant day and comfort for their Guests.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

theme and design for 2019 weddingsFollowing on from both Royal Weddings in 2018, one theme and design for 2019 weddings is thought to be on eco-friendly weddings. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was plastic free. Princess Beatrice had a no foam flower policy at her wedding.

Weddings in 2019 won’t just be about the wow factor, but the sustainability factor.  Emphasis will be made on eco-waste. Vegan options for menu choices will also be available.


(Over the coming months, I will be bringing more blogs on eco friendly and vegan weddings, so keep an eye out)

A wedding experience

Some couples will be looking at taking their Guests on a wedding journey. To share aspects of their lives together as part of their wedding day. Couples have a vision of what their life means together, and they will be wanting to incorporate that into their theme and design for 2019 weddings.

Colourful Weddings

Pastel coloured weddings will be reducing through 2019. The introduction of bolder, deeper colours will be present.  Think Jewelled tones, greenery and botanicals, as well as bright colours.  Whites and greens will continue to be favoured by some couples.

Summing up

I could carry on for ages about predicted theme and design for 2019 weddings, however, it is all about personalities and reflecting this into your wedding day.  Here are some of the other predicted wedding theme and designs for 2019 to keep a look out for:

Theme and Design for 2019 WeddingsLike our Facebook page and keep an eye out for inspiration boards for each of these themes over the coming weeks

(Photograph credit – Botanical paperworks)

The 2019 Wedding Trend Report – Highlights

The 2019 Wedding Trend Report has been released. I can tell you, there are some exciting things to look forward to if you are planning your wedding this year.

In the next few weeks, I will bring you more indepth blogs into the 2019 wedding trend report on individual aspects of wedding planning. For now here is a quick snapshot of what you can expect…

The 2019 Wedding Trend Report – Overview

the 2019 wedding trend reportThe weddings of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and also Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank featured highly in the 2019 wedding trend report.

Two main focuses on 2019 weddings, however were minimalist weddings and also experiential weddings,  creating a bespoke day for wedding Guests.

Bright bold colours will feature in a lot of weddings. This is no surprise given the Pantone featured colours of 2019, especially Living Coral, Mango Mojito and Fiesta red.

Sustainability will be a big consideration with Couples this year. The idea of having a plastic free or foam free wedding.

Food and Drink

Food trucks may see a disappearance at upcoming weddings.  The focus is now on clean simple eating.  The 2019 wedding trend report has predicted a rise in fermented foods this year, pickles and sauerkraut.  This is one trend I am interested to see whether will take off, particularly in the UK!the 2019 wedding trend report

As with the past couple of year, the focus for food and drink will be more informal than formal dining with the focus on family and friend involvement.

Bridal Fashion

The wedding dress is taking a back seat The introduction of the ivory or white jump suit The 2019 wedding trend reportmaking more of an appearance.

Capes will also be featured, whether long or short, attached or unattached.

Entertainment and Lighting

I have already mentioned that experiential weddings are the focus in 2019. With Entertainment and Lighting, this is where it can really be shown. Atmospheric effects, live entertainment and themed DJ Booths are just some of the things that have been mentioned to bring your wedding day to life.

So, there you have it, just a glimpse of the 2019 wedding trend report.  More information will follow in the next few weeks of what else we can expect to see at Wedding Venues throughout the World in 2019.

Happy New Year

Lynda x

(Photographs courtesy of Google)

Christmas Engagements

Christmas engagements are more romantic than any other time of the year, I think. If you have got engaged over this festive period – CONGRATULATIONS! (I’m actually writing this as Diamonds are a girl’s best friend is playing in the background – how spooky, it must be fate!)

christmas engagementsSome things to consider with Christmas engagements:

  1. Enjoy the moment!

Spend some quality time together, savour the moment – And yes spend some time admiring your rock!

  1. Tell your friends and family

Christmas engagements are a great time of year as you’re probably spending time with your family and friends – so what a great time to celebrate!

Once you’ve told your immediate family, then you can post your news on Social Media (not before!) QUICK TIP: Make sure you’ve got nicely manicured nails to show off your new ring!)

  1. Think about a date

Are you having a long engagement, or are you planning on getting married in the next few months? Take a look at this Planning a wedding in 6 months

  1. Decide on what you want for your wedding;

Think about your budget, guest list, where you want to get married for starters

  1. Hire a Planner!

This is the perfect time to get some help from a professional wedding planner (LMS Weddings!) We can help with budget management, finding your perfect wedding venue, sourcing reputable suppliers, and generally guide you along the way.


christmas engagementsWhatever you decide to do, Christmas engagements are a perfect way to finish off the year and a fantastic way to start the new year – with lots to look forward to, so enjoy x

Helping you to plan your wedding

Helping you to plan your wedding is what I have tried to do  this year by bringing you various blog posts which I hope you have found interesting.

This week, I thought I would give you a quick refresher with links on my top 10 blogs from this year for helping you to plan your wedding… (Don’t forget to click on the italics to follow the link to the blog)


1.Planning a wedding

So why don’t we start at the very beginning…….   helping you to plan a wedding

2. Summer marquee weddings;

Perhaps you are having a marquee wedding in the summer,

here is all that you need to know:Summer marquee weddings

3. Marquee Weddings – The good;

Helping you to plan your weddingMarquee weddings are fantastic and here’s why: Marquee Weddings – Why they are great

4. Marquee weddings – The bad;

Before you decide on having a marquee wedding, you may also want to consider some of the not so good things about having one:  Planning a marquee wedding? the lows to think about

5. Wedding Day Timings

You may have planned your wedding, which for whatever reason doesn’t flow straight from the Ceremony to the reception.  Here I give you some ideas on how you organise your timings: Wedding day timings – filling in the gaps

6. Providing drinks at your weddingHelping you to plan your wedding

If you are having a free bar at your wedding, then you need to make sure that you have got enough drinks and also a good selection for your Guests… here’s a little help…  Planning your own wedding drinks – how much do you need?

7. Emergency Wedding Kit

There are some things that you shouldn’t leave home without on your wedding day.

Here is some information about your emergency wedding kit

8. Social Media and Your Wedding Website

No doubt you will be allowing your Guests to post on Social Media all about your special day, and perhaps you are having a website especially for your wedding day information, here are some things you need to consider for both: Social Media   and for your website

9. Planning a wedding in 6 months

For whatever reason, some couples do want to get married quickly, and whilst in can be daunting, here are some tips and ideas for helping you to plan your wedding in 6 months

10. And finally… The Secret Life of Me!

If you have read my other blogs, and the thought of planning your wedding is still stressing you out, you have always look at hiring a wedding planner – even if it is just to coordinate your day.  Here is an insight into my life as a wedding coordinator

As always, if there is anything else that you want to know about planning your wedding, that I haven’t already covered, please get in touch x

P.S. (Don’t forget to click on the italics to follow the link to the blog)

(Photograph Credits available upon request)

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning tips can only help you on your journey to arranging your big day.

Here are 10 top wedding planning tips that I want to share with you to consider….

  1. wedding planning tipsSet a budget

This is the first thing you need to do.  Without a budget, how can you plan your wedding!

  1. Decide on Numbers

Without an idea of how many Guests you want to invite, you can’t start looking at Venues.

  1. Choose a date

Do you want to get married on a specific date, or are you flexible?

  1. Choose a Style

This will help wit the next few wedding planning tips. Are you going modern or traditional? Are you thinking of a theme such as Festival, or Industrial for example?

wedding planning tips

Right, we’re halfway through my wedding planning tips, now the fun begins…..

  1. Find a Venue

Now you can start searching for that perfect place to have your wedding, that is within your budget, can accommodate the number of Guests, has your date available and will suit your style – Simples!

  1. Food and Drink options

Do you want a formal 3 course meal, or are you looking at informal food truck styles, or a BBQ – so many decisions! Also, are you going to have a cash bar or are you going to provide and pay for all your Guests drinks?

  1. Entertainment

Are you going to have a live band or DJ? Are you going to have any entertainment during your day reception?

  1. Children Present, or Adults only?

If you decide to have children present at your wedding reception, you may want to consider ways to keep them entertained.  This can be as simple as giving them a colouring book each or hiring a wedding nanny

  1. Have cake and eat it…wedding planning tips

Do you really want a wedding cake because it is traditional?  There are alternatives, think about a donut wall or perhaps a “Cheese” cake

  1. Final wedding planning tip – RELAX AND ENJOY!

Enjoy your wedding planning time. Remember to take sometime out for yourself every now and then.  Don’t become obsessed with your wedding.

If all else fails, talk to an expert and consider hiring a wedding planner