Post wedding blues - married now what

You’re married, now what?

Planning your wedding can take up a big chunk of your free time (And probably your work time, if you can get away with it!)

But, you’re married, now what?

Did you know that there’s a thing called The Post-Wedding Blues?

It’s natural to feel down. After all, your wedding is such a big event, and you’ve used up all your energy creating a perfect day.

You’re back off your Honeymoon. It’s all over, and you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall.

What can you do to help those post-wedding blues?After the Wedding feelings

Embrace married life!

Plan things to do together when you’re back to normality (If you can remember what that was!)

Look forward to things as newlyweds.

Re-live your memories

That anticipation of your wedding album or wedding video delivered to your front door.

Re-live your Wedding day with your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

Invite them over for a drink and meal. Share your photo’s and video (if you had one)

Post wedding blues - meditationDo some mindfulness exercises.

If you’re feeling blue after the high of your Wedding Day, do some mindfulness exercises. There are some great apps out there; you need to find the right one that suits you.

Feeling sad is normal.

Let alone your Wedding, how many times have you been on holiday, away from work only to be on a real downer when you get back into the office (I know I have)? Your Wedding is exactly the same. Feeling sad is expected, mainly because your head is exhausted. Don’t beat yourself up – it’s ok.

Don’t get in the married life rut

Plan a weekly date night together – keeping that special spark lit is important.

Take up a hobby

You’ve got all the spare time on your hands now you’re no longer wedding planning.

Now is the perfect time to take up a hobby – it needs to be something you will enjoy, though!

Finally – And this is important…

Speak to each other

You’re newlyweds. The last thing your husband or wife wants is to be shut out and feel like they’ve done something wrong. If you’re feeling a bit down, talk to them. It will help lighten your load and make you both feel better.

If you feel you could be suffering from the post-wedding blues, contact Di Smart,  a life coach, who runs an excellent service to help you.

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